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Taking the First Step To Permanent Good Health

Here are some answers to questions you might have about how we will work together to relieve your pain and help you avoid problems in the future.

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  The B.E.S.T. Technique
  Getting Started
  What Comes First?
  How Does The Process Work?
  How Long Does This Take?
  When Can I See Permanent Results?
  The Five Steps to Health
      Step 1 - Relief from Pain
      Step 2 - Correcting the Cause
      Step 3 - Living Healthy
      Step 4 - Thinking Healthy
      Step 5 - Staying Healthy
  The Six Essentials for Life
      1 - What You Eat
      2 - What You Drink
      3 - How You Exercise
      4 - How You Rest
      5 - What You Breathe
      6 - What You Think
  Let Us Relieve Your Pain

Getting Started
Welcome to our clinic. By coming here you have just taken the first step in turning your health around. You are most likely experiencing pain, mild or severe. Possibly you have been for some time. Or perhaps it's just a vague feeling that "something is wrong." We're here to help you make it right and get you on the road to good health.
"If I could just get out of pain."
Let's talk about pain. Pain is a signal to you something is out of balance in your body. Pain really is a good thing because it prompts you to find out what is wrong. Often, however, the pain isn't felt in the part of the body that is injured or stressed, as happens when you get a headache because of poor eating habits.

That's why you've come to us: to help you find the cause of your health problem, and then to do something about it.
 Your Health  Your Choice   Top

What Comes First?
First, we will ask you for a health history and perform a thorough examination. We may choose to take x-rays or perform other diagnostic procedures, which will help determine the actual position of your vertebrae and the cause of your symptoms. This is the important first step because it tells us what to do.

Then, we may give you a spinal treatment and/or therapy to provide some relief from your immediate pain. On your next visit we will discuss the actual cause of your difficulty and tell you what treatment we feel will work best for you, outlining a treatment plan designed to get maximum results in the shortest possible time. 

How Does The Process Work?
Most forms of pain come from negative stress. This negative stress comes from three sources: trauma, toxicity, and thoughts. Trauma is physical stress or injury, toxicity is dietary stress or injury, and thoughts are usually negative attitudes and feelings. What happens is the stress from injury, poor diet, or negative thoughts causes the body to be out of balance. What we do is find that imbalance or stress and relieve it by rebalancing your body.   Top

How Long Does This Take?
The length of time for treatment depends upon what is wrong. Obviously, a simple muscle strain may be corrected more easily than a severe back injury that has existed for several years. That's why we do a full study of your health history, and prescribe the best course of treatment just for you. Usually you will feel some relief after a single spinal treatment. Sometimes, this takes a bit longer. But after the initial treatment, we must look at correcting the underlying cause to restore balance to your body so the pain will not return.   Top

When Can I See Permanent Results?
Again, the answer depends on the problem. Some people suffer from severe dietary distress that can take months to correct. Other people have back pain from a sports injury that may take weeks to treat. Still others can find permanent results in a matter of three or four visits. Often, our patients are suffering distress from more than one source. However long it takes to correct the problem, all the causes of the distress must be discovered and then corrected by re-establishing the natural balance of the body.   Top

The Five Steps To Health
There are five steps you must take to reach permanent good health, which is our goal at this clinic.

Step 1  Relief From Pain
This most important step addresses the immediate distress that a person is feeling, which is to find the cause of the pain and, through spinal treatments and/or therapy, achieve relief. Then we can go to Step Two.   Top

Step 2  Correcting the Cause
The path toward permanent relief must include finding the actual cause of the pain and distress. Often, the actual cause is not obvious because pain can be located in one part of the body while the cause may be located in other parts of the body. Causes of distress occur from three areas: trauma, toxicity, and negative thoughts. This means stress from injury, dietary insufficiencies, or emotional reactions that cause negative stress. In all cases, the actual cause of pain and distress must be identified and corrected. Otherwise symptoms can return.   Top

Step 3  Living Healthy
Once the cause of distress and pain has been discovered and corrected, changes in the living habits that caused the symptoms in t he first place must be addressed. This may involve dietary and physical exercise changes. Then a person can achieve the benefits of a healthy life.   Top

Step 4  Thinking Healthy
Once Step Three is achieved, it is important to address ways to avoid the distress of negative thoughts and learn to think healthy. Our bodies operate as a whole, which means that what affects our physical condition changes our attitudes and feelings. At the same time, the way we feel and think affects our body. When we learn to think healthy as well as live healthy, we address the whole person and this prepares us for Step Five.   Top

Step 5  Staying Healthy
Now that pain has been relieved, the causes corrected, and we have learned how to live and think healthy, we are prepared to stay healthy. However, this does not occur automatically. We must always be alert to the fact that it is easy to go back to old habits and living patterns. But because we have taken the correct steps, we are now ready to stay healthy and achieve the benefits of permanent good health.  

The Six Essentials for Life
Every day, you make choices about your health in Six Essentials areas. These choices can result in poor health or can lead you to a lifetime of good health.

 What You Eat
Your diet should be balanced in terms of pH level. A healthy diet is one which consists of about 75 percent fruits and vegetables and 25 percent everything else. Protein intake should not exceed 47 grams per day.   Top

 What You Drink
You should avoid stimulants and fluids that produce too much acid, such as coffee and soft drinks. Drink mostly water and fruit and vegetable juices. Restrict stimulants.   Top

 How You Exercise
You need 30 minutes of whole body exercise, such as walking, three times a week to help your body stay flexible.   Top

 How You Rest
Good sleep every night is essential to your body's ability to heal and recharge itself. Avoid stimulants and heavy meals before you go to sleep.   Top

 What You Breathe
Clean, smoke-free air is essential to permanent good health. If you can smell the air you breathe, it's probably too dirty.   Top

 What You Think
Negative stress can be a killer. It can cause your muscles to tighten up to the point of pain. Include periods of relaxation in your day. It makes a big difference.

Let Us Help You Relieve Your Pain And Turn To Permanent Good Health
Our trained staff is available to answer your questions.
Morter HealthSystem is healthcare for life.
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