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The ALL NEW Live B.E.S.T. training series will get you on course and keep you on course to living on purpose – knowing how to be, do and have everything you dream of and actually doing it! These new Morter programs are specially designed for you! Get Started Now! Your Life is Waiting! Contact us for more information and registration!

Live Loud
May 21-22, 2016
Rogers, Arkansas
Sharing your passion with the world is very exciting...and sometimes challenging, too. Because, if you're missing key skills and knowledge about how to effectively communicate – if you're locked in an unsuccessful pattern – it can be extremely frustrating to say the least! This is why most people are really "just getting by" in their businesses. They're poor communicators. They don't have the success they dream of because they need to do two vital things: Learn the skills and the art of the communication and update their emotional pattern for success! Learn to Live Out Loud and make your impact on the world!
Eat to Live
June 23-24, 2016
Rogers, Arkansas
Join us for an intense training on fueling your body for maximum performance! This includes slowing down the breakdown of muscle, skin elasticity, and proper oxygen function, which comes along with aging. You will learn the specifics of nutritional science and begin to heal your body with delicious food. Learn to make practical day-to-day choices in the grocery store, at the farmers market, in restaurants and at social functions, which lead to health, instead of taxing your immune system and leading to disease.
Live Rich
June 24-25, 2016
Rogers, Arkansas
Live Rich is about creating breakthroughs, moving beyond fears and updating beliefs to produce unlimited success in your life. You'll create in yourself a new level of mental clarity and vision to produce a quantum difference in your life. By setting goals and building your vision for your ideal life, you are just starting the journey. Make sure your mind and heart are in agreement and there is nothing interfering with or slowing your progress to greatness. This training will give you the laser focus you need and the tools to keep you on course!

Dr M.T. Morter Jr

Morter HealthSystem is a complete system of health care featuring the original sensory-specific technique called the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.); an astounding nutrition program based on acid/alkaline balance; and guidelines for the correct choices to make in the Six Essentials for Life (what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, how you rest, what you breathe and what you think).

Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. has been a leading innovator in health care for more than 40 years. Under his direction, Morter HealthSystem has developed an expanded vision for personal health and healthcare for the 21st Century.

Morter HealthSystem is dedicated to research, teaching, promoting and fulfilling the needs of doctors and health care practitioners around the world. And, it's an association of healthcare practitioners who receive the latest technique and nutrition updates as well as patient education materials at the touch of a button on our exclusive Morter HealthSystem website for doctors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining Morter HealthSystem.

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