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Keep Living Your B.E.S.T.

Advanced Training for Mastering Your Success by Synchronizing Your Mind to Your Dreams!

It's time to shore up that foundation again – to address some of the personal and business distractors you may have encountered, and time to again take charge of your life!

  • How's that Vision Board working for you? Is it time to re-synch it to a new you?
  • Let's start with your relationships – which are the dream builders and which are the dream stealers?
  • Have you added the new POWER POSE to your Morter March and Morter March Release each day?
  • How are you feeling about your progress toward your goals?
  • And, that FORGIVENESS! How's that going?

Let's take a look at where you are right now, review the basics a bit, teach you some new ways to get ahead, and balance your mind and body to whole new levels of health, happiness and success! Join your BEST friends for this ALL NEW 2-day event! Seating is limited to give you the personal attention you deserve!

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40 Years of B.E.S.T.

A HUGE thank you goes out to all those who attended Elite Diplomate and Homecoming last weekend here in Rogers. We all certainly did the 40th Anniversary celebration proud! And, the unforgettable presentations! We just can't say enough about how thankful we were to have Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Blake Brown, Gina DeMasi, Mary Miller, Dr. Ralph LeBlanc, Dr. Walter Parish, Dr. Roland Phillips, Dr. Don Williams, Aubert Fernandes, Garrett Gunderson, Ed Foreman, Earlene Vining, Dr. Kreg Huffer, and Fred Bartz share their wisdom and passion. Join that with the technique advancements, new technique programs, new nutrition programs, and new support products – well, we are headed into the BEST year ever at Morter HealthSystem! Want to hear what you missed from Homecoming? The mp3 of Homecoming 2015 is available for just $129. Call 800.874.1478 to order.

Dr M.T. Morter Jr

Morter HealthSystem is a complete system of health care featuring the original sensory-specific technique called the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.); an astounding nutrition program based on acid/alkaline balance; and guidelines for the correct choices to make in the Six Essentials for Life (what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, how you rest, what you breathe and what you think).

Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. has been a leading innovator in health care for more than 40 years. Under his direction, Morter HealthSystem has developed an expanded vision for personal health and healthcare for the 21st Century.

Morter HealthSystem is dedicated to research, teaching, promoting and fulfilling the needs of doctors and health care practitioners around the world. And, it's an association of healthcare practitioners who receive the latest technique and nutrition updates as well as patient education materials at the touch of a button on our exclusive Morter HealthSystem website for doctors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining Morter HealthSystem.

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