Engineering the Quantum - Transformation Retreat
Engineering the Quantum

What is the ultimate expression of you? Who were you meant to be? These are questions which must be answered, but every time we try to do it – to find the answers – we get in our heads about it. Voices from past experiences and firmly held beliefs block us from the answers we seek. They take away our power. A mind open and free of these blocks works in tandem with our heart and soul as the ultimate expression of you. Now, just how do we free our minds? How do we break free?

Engineering the Quantum is an examination of all the little pieces which make us what we are. It is using the knowledge we have to empower us – to blow out all the blocks which keep us as individuals from rising higher. It is a total immersion into yourself.

You have a lot of the pieces – a lot of good lessons from a lifetime of learning. Now it's time to put them to work for you. It's time to get out of your head and get busy. We will pinpoint what is holding you back, so you can embark on the most healing , freeing, energizing and spiritual journey of your life.

The first step on this journey is being offered as an all-inclusive retreat (you just have to take care of your travel). This retreat is being offered to a select group of people who are willing to release the old stories they tell and create a new story, which is the ultimate expression of who they really are – who YOU really are. We will form a community in order to take you from where you are to where you were meant to be. And, this community will support you on that journey. It's time. Embrace the YOU you were meant to be.

Engineering the Quantum – Transformation Retreat - The integration and application of ideas and technology to create the life you've always dreamed possible.

Dr M.T. Morter Jr

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Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr. has been a leading innovator in health care for more than 40 years. Under his direction, Morter HealthSystem has developed an expanded vision for personal health and healthcare for the 21st Century.

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