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Here Is How To Get Set Up As A Morter HealthSystem Affiliate - It Is Totally Free and Fast

Here’s how to get set up. Go to our Affiliate Program Sign-Up page and fill out the signup form. You will be sent an email within 1-2 business days with more information and your unique affiliate link.

Once you receive your affiliate link via email, we suggest creating a new, trackable link at (it’s free). allows you to take an original link (in this case, your unique affiliate link) and create a new, shorter, and customizable link from within their platform. So, for example, I might use my affiliate link and create a new link using that looks like this:

To get started, go to, sign up (remember, it’s free), and then copy and paste your unique affiliate link into your account. More instructions are located here.

We think that there are a couple of significant advantages to using The first advantage of using is customizability. Your link can, for example, include the name of your business, telling your customers and clients more about the link’s destination. It helps build trust. Secondly, will automatically track the number of clicks your link receives, telling you how actively your customers are following your advice!

A great place to use your link is in your email signature. Here’s how to add your link to your email signature or any email text. 

First, highlight the desired word or words (for example, “Get the Alkalizing Supplements That We Recommend Here”) in either your signature or in the body of your email. Then, add your hyperlink. allows you to create many different hyperlinks using the same original link, so use it to your advantage! Try creating custom links just for email to track how many clicks your signature receives regularly. Like, for example,

Please note that sometimes when you try to customize a link, the word choices you want will not be available. That’s okay! Just play around with your link until you find a combination of words that work for you and your business. 

The sooner you start promoting, the faster you earn! Best of all, we will send you a check for every month your commissions exceed $50.00!

If you have any questions, please email us at, and Dr. Tom (me), Melissa, or Janna will help you get started.