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Your Secret Language of Success is the…


The Developer-Improver is intensely focused on improving themselves, their conditions and those of their family, loved ones, and friends.

You are on a mission to maximize your potential and get all you can out of the life you have. You are always on the lookout for new ways of improving yourself and pushing yourself to new heights.

The positive benefits of the Developer-Improver are:

  • Driven to learn
  • Willing to try new things
  • Self-Educated (Post Traditional Education)
  • Love to share ways of improving with others
  • Willing to explore new ways of being in order to excel
  • Willing to do the personal work necessary to grow
  • Lifelong learners
  • Makes incremental improvements to systems and processes to maximize productivity
  • Steadfast believer that we can all do more and be more
  • Self-Motivated
  • Moved by inspirational speakers, writers, and scientists (Probably loves TED talks)
  • Experiential learner

The downsides of the Developer-Improver are:

  • Can be very self-judgmental (Never good enough)
  • Can fall victim to charismatic leaders (Personal Development gurus, religious leaders, cult leaders)
  • Can burn themselves out from constantly trying to achieve a better result
  • Can experience feelings of never being good enough
  • Can be disorganized
  • May have a hard time applying what they are learning because the excitement is in learning more, not perfecting what they’ve learned.

To maximize your Secret Language of Success, you need to have a regular practice of reading, experiencing new things, places, events, and people. You need to be able to see where you are improving daily. A written daily journal can be most helpful.

Be sure that you carve out time for learning each day. Use a news aggregator or RSS feed to give you a customized feed of articles from resources you enjoy (just don’t put so many in you can never actually read them all). Save those articles that you love and that really resonate with you in a program like Pocket or Evernote so you have an organized place to find them when you want to refer back.

Because of your fast-paced drive to learn, you need to be careful of burning out your adrenals and over stressing yourself by overscheduling or doing too much at once. This is a very common outcome for the Developer – Improver. Be sure to take a strong adrenal support supplement like Adrenergy. And, if you prefer a vegetable based support, Alkadrenergy is for you. The plan is to maintain good health and energy to support your desire to continue to excel at all you do.

Be sure to give yourself enough time for connection with other like-minded people. You thrive when you are at events and around people who think like you. To maintain a well-rounded approach, find programs and trainings which have strong content, a systematic approach to learning, and plenty of room to advance you. Seek out credible sources of information, which offer support and reproducible results to avoid frustration and self-judgment. Work on yourself first with a positive approach and desire to help others. By focusing on your foundational strengths, you automatically become a building block of support for others.

As a Developer-Improver, you are the people who move the masses and set the example for the rest of the world to follow. You inspire not just yourself but everyone around you to new heights. Keep learning, keep improving, and keep giving back to those around you; the world needs Developers – Improvers to show us what is possible and to motivate us to push a little harder, learn a little more and be just a little better version of ourselves every day!

Sure, it’s easy to say you are accomplishing everything you are capable of doing. Yet truthfully, it’s a challenge to align your intentions with your abilities. Those little voices inside your head (subconscious mind) continue to strive for status quo. Shifting patterns is, well, what needs to happen for any lasting change to manifest.

To shift your neurological pattern into alignment with your traits as a Developer-Improver, start by implementing a new and different way to re-program your brain. For over 40 years we’ve been reprogramming and creating pattern shifts in tens of thousands of participants with this approach. And, the first step in this whole body system, which is both fast and effective, is named the Morter March. By integrating something medical science terms as contra-lateral movement, combined with head tilt, eye position, and projected positive thinking, the Morter March blends neurology and science with exercise and affirmations. It’s simple, exact, and profound in harnessing the power of the mind – your mind. And, when your physical mind and body are in alignment, you feel less stress, more energy, and an overall feeling of focus with specific intent. A Developer-Improver must re-align to accept accomplishment, avoid self-judgment, and to maintain a degree of strength and fortitude or possibly face adrenal burnout. And, by aligning your thoughts with your neurology, you become more organized, accomplish more, and are better able to apply what you are learning each day. You may begin to experience life at its fullest.

Practice the Morter March 2x each day, morning and evening. This powerful neurological balancing exercise will help your body align and internally regulate its systems, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Stand comfortably erect. Alert, yet relaxed.
  2. Raise both arms in a “V” above your head with palms facing each other and both eyes open.   Say aloud, “Yes, I am!” (This is the Power Pose position of the Morter March.)
  3. Step forward with your left food, keeping your right foot flat. Bend your left knee, so you can’t see your toes.
  4. Stretch your right arm up to 45 degrees with your hand open and thumb up.
  5. Stretch your left arm down and back to 45 degrees with your hand open and thumb down.
  6. Turn your head toward your raised arm, looking toward your raised hand. Close the eye away from your raised arm, take in a breath and stretch!
    Think: “I am thankful and grateful for my potential and my abilities” Then think that again.
  7. Close both eyes and think it again for the final and third time.
  8. Exhale and return to the Power Pose position. Say aloud, “Yes, I am!”
  9. Repeat the process with the opposite leg, arm and eye position between each repetition, thinking about your potential and abilities as before.

Repeat the entire process 3 times.

Focus your thoughts and affirmations throughout your day being thankful and grateful for your perfect plan, your perfect path, and your perfect success. This will positively impact the sub-conscious neurology of your brain by shifting the pattern to a new and specific goal. Work to picture this goal already happening in your mind. The key is picturing it as though it is happening, while doing the Morter March.

Let’s dig in deeper!

To maximize your performance and energy, you’ll need to consider several areas of your daily routine as possible sabotages. There are 6 Essential areas of your life, which can serve you well or hold you back. What you Eat, Drink, Exercise, Rest, Breathe, and of course, Think are the key Essential areas.

As a Developer-Improver, you get to choose your path every day. And, here are some specific suggestions to jump-start your body to a new and energized version every day.

  1. Eat: Add 2 servings of Organic vegetables to lunch and dinner; eat more salmon
  2. Drink: Add 2 glasses of water to your regular intake; cut back on caffeine drinks
  3. Exercise: Walk for 20 minutes at lunch w/o your phone
  4. Rest: Read something positive for 15 minutes before bedtime
  5. Breathe: Practice rhythmic breath control 3x/day
  6. Think: Identify 1 specific accomplishment for today and smile

Acknowledging your positive traits as a Developer-Improver and reprogramming your mind to be more thankful and grateful for who you are is a great first step in learning more about the Your Secret Language of Success. Watch for more information coming soon.