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The Morter HealthSystem

… the System of Success!

The Morter HealthSystem, developed by a team of doctors, is just that—a system—and this system involves everything in your life, from childhood beliefs right up to the decisions you make every second of your day.

This is a complete lifestyle system dealing directly with the science of nutrition, physical and emotional health, relationships with family and friends, addictions, goals, dreams, and your success with business and finances. We understand it is virtually impossible to separate these categories of daily living, so why even try? After all, every system affects everything else.

According to the latest scientific/medical research, neurological patterns are interconnected and inseparable. One thought (again, according to research) stimulates all associated thoughts to activate. We’ve known about this from our own clinical experience for well over 50 years, and now medical science is validating this more every day. When we understand the real power of those interconnected neurological patterns, the system for success becomes accessible. Through our deep understanding of the science of neuroplasticity, we acknowledge the capacity for your brain to re-wire and update its neurological patterns. We understand how it works. We know what brain patterns make you tick, and therefore we know what patterns make you sick!

The secret is to uncover and reveal the brain patterns associated with the choices you are making every day—choices that do not support your dreams, goals, and desires. Then, empowered with this knowledge, you can move forward by implementing life-changing programs and experiences to help you on this fantastic journey to an abundant and successful way of living. It’s time to pull back the curtain and expose the path to these truths never before told.

Morter HealthSystem does just that. This is a system anyone can learn, and it focuses on what you do want in your life rather than focusing on what you don’t want—but it’s not as simple as just thinking a certain way. More than projection and positive affirmations, Morter HealthSystem addresses more than just words. By focusing on the inner workings of your mind on a level much deeper than your conscious thought, we can unlock your pattern from within. That pattern unlocks your power.

Research has shown we are driven by beliefs and misconceptions, which have been ingrained and entrenched deep within our subconscious mind from an incredibly young age. Morter HealthSystem’s unique technology unlocks your mind and updates your pattern to a new system of success. Morter HealthSystem is just that—a complete system that leads you to success.

There are critical decisions you must make each day. Those decisions will either make your life better or, like many, make your life a struggle. Some of these choices—conscious and subconscious—are so small, you possibly aren’t even aware of what is happening. You don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s not your fault! It’s just the way your brain is hardwired by the beliefs you learned as a child.

The good news is, we know your mind is powerful. Your mind is really a process we refer to as “minding.” Not really located in one particular place (like your brain which is physically located in your skull), “minding” is using your mind in multi-faceted ways to enhance your life. Sadly, most “minding” focuses on our worries, fears, and stresses throughout your day and even into your sleep. Although most of these thoughts never materialize, your mind/body connection cannot discern the difference, so your body reacts as though your thought was real.

Morter HealthSystem has the technology to deal directly with your mind and your “minding.” Our patented technology, from the Morter March to the advanced Bio-Energetic techniques, is designed to return your minding process to the peaceful and loving state in which your body was created. From the stressful effects of physical pain to emotional banter, once the body’s neurological circuits are updated using the Morter HealthSystem, you’ll immediately see and feel the difference.

We offer this training for your personal life enhancement including technologies and nutritional programs for your family and even your pets, as well as the opportunity to become a Morter HealthSystem professional practitioner certified to help others with this advanced work. Programs may be attended in live settings or from the comfort of your home with our home study programs.

Experience Morter HealthSystem and unlock your mind to new patterns of health and happiness.