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We Are Giving Away The Morter March To Change The World! Please Join Us

We Are Giving Away The Morter March To Change The World! Please Join Us

We are about to do something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

We strongly believe that Morter March can change the world. It can help people align their brain and body with their intentions to create their best possible outcomes. We feel it can be beneficial in healing, stress reduction, focus, and manifesting your best life.

So, because we believe that so strongly, we are giving it away to the world, free, as our gift (and yours).

You can learn more about what we are doing at the Morter March Monday page.

Traditionally, we’ve sold Morter March or we’ve included it as part of our training but we don’t feel that is the best way to impact the world in the way Dr. Morter intended so we are giving it to everyone we can and it is absolutely FREE … Plus, we are TRAINING anyone who wants to do it LIVE each Monday morning.

How Does It Work?

Anyone can go to the page above and watch Dr. Tom explain exactly how to do the Morter March, then each Monday, people can go to our Facebook page at 9:00am Central time and Morter March live with Dr. Ted, who will pick a focus area and walk everyone through the Morter March, live! We’ve been doing it a couple of weeks now and it is really getting dialed in and people are loving it.

Our Gift To You And The World

Now, there are two reasons I say it is your gift. First, we’d love it if you’d share the page www.mortermarchmonday.com with your friends and family so they can learn how to Morter March and benefit from it. Our goal is to get this into the hands of millions and we can only do that with your help. Second, if you’ve been touched by Morter March, we’d love it if you’d come on a Morter March Monday and share your experience in the comments (you don’t have to be on camera). Tell people what your experience has been as a way of encouraging them to get the benefits you’ve already experienced. Or, if you prefer, just create a quick video and talk about your experience and post it on Facebook on the page.

Why Did You Decide To Do This?

Our goal is to have millions of people around the world doing Morter March every Monday. Imagine the change we can create together with that many people focused on a perfect outcome and Morter Marching at the same time!

We hope you’ll agree and that you’ll play full on by Morter Marching each Monday with us and by sharing this with your friends and family. You can share it by email, Facebook, or any way you see fit.

Let’s change the world together!


Dr. Ted and Dr. Tom