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Do you ever feel like you’ve worked hard to get where you are today but still feel like “something’s still missing?”

Over forty years we’ve spoken to thousands of people who have worked hard on themselves. They’ve put in real effort to be precise with their thoughts and actions and yet, their most important goals still seem to elude them. It isn’t any unwillingness to DO the work, they just don’t know what work is left to do.

I hate seeing people in that position, every part of me that made me get into a helping profession feels their pain and their desire.

It makes me want to help more.

That’s why we started giving away Morter March as a way of giving people a starting point for the rest of the journey.

You’ve heard me say before that “The Pattern Unlocks the Power.”

What if there was a way to help you clarify your thinking, focus on your goals, integrate your biology/physiology, and release your emotional baggage that holds you back? What if I told you releasing the “Emotional Holds” were a proven and reproducible advancement to the Morter March, would you be interested in discovering your own restrictive patters? Would you be willing to dig down deeper into yourself, to release their hold on your future?

Let’s review the Morter March first and then I believe, you’ll be ready to advance your knowledge to even deeper and more profound levels of personal and emotional release….we call this process Morter March Release.

The Morter March takes advantage of emerging brain science (much of it validating what we’ve been teaching for decades) coupled with brain lateralization, body position and specific affirmative thinking, all in a simple 5-minute exercise which promotes body balance, function, and mental clarity. It’s a proven way to shift your thinking directly into your physical body which opens the door to better mind/body balance and the ability to focus and achieve specific goals. It helps you to clarify and open your brain channels for more creative and divergent thinking. Much like journaling, meditation, and being mindful, the Morter March is a physical technology, developed and proven for over 20 years, which helps you actually transfer your thinking goals, you know, the ones you have always dreamed of accomplishing but can’t seem to manifest, directly into your physical body with a specific and timed exercise. The Morter March can shift your pattern and then “The pattern unlocks the power.” I’m speaking to the power of healing and feeling abundant.

However, sometimes your emotions and your feelings can distract you from your goals and from your success.   The patterns you may be experiencing can be deep seated within your mind, even your subconscious mind, and hard or even impossible to identify by simply consciously thinking of them. You think it’s one thing and it turns out to be totally different.

That’s the reason a lot of what the “gurus” and “teachers” tell you to do doesn’t have replicable results for everyone. You can’t out think or out talk or out believe your deeply programmed subconscious beliefs and experiences UNTIL you know exactly what they are.

That’s why we say “The Pattern Unlocks the Power.”

By exposing the subconscious routines that are running, our daily programming, often developed in an instant by events that we may not have even recognized as having the impact they did. Those same events teach us a powerful and often INCORRECT lesson that our subconscious liberally applies across ANY situation that appears to be somehow similar.

Need to take a chance to build the business of your dreams? Want to get the courage to ask they person of your dreams to marry you?

“Danger Will Robinson,” screams your subconscious. Man the battle stations and run the pattern, don’t let it happen.

Our conscious tells a different story.

  • I’ve tried before to start a business, it’s just “me” I’m not good at that.
  • I’ll never manifest the relationship of my dreams, especially not with a person like that, I’m not “enough,” yet … if I just do more to me.

Well, knowing something is holding you back is part of the problem, sure.

But knowing the “What” is holding you back and eliciting the pattern of your subconscious is the key to success.

Let me make it simpler.

You can’t alter the process you don’t know is running and knowing why it runs.

Here’s what to do.


Step 1 Identify The Pattern

You must identify the stored emotional pattern(feeling) which keeps you on “Hold”, keeps you from accomplishment, and insidiously holds you an emotional hostage based on something from your past. Yes, the major thing which is likely holding you back in our experience is likely something that happened in your past and you might even be consciously aware of what it is. This emotional baggage, which we all carry around, can be daunting, it can be stifling, and it always is considered self-limiting. We call these SEMOs or Subconscious Emotional Memory Override.

You see our brains are not always good at attaching PROPER meaning to highly charged emotional events. It incorrectly attributes one thing to mean many things in many contexts to try and protect you from repeating what it experiences as a negative consequence. Next time it sees something that appears as danger, it runs that old SEMO pattern.

Here’s a quick example of how SEMOs form:

You are at a party and an attractive person across the room seems to be looking directly at you.

You feel uneasy at first, you quickly look away or divert your eyes in another direction and, after a while, you glance back across the room only to see the person looking in your direction once again. You’re not certain they’re really interested in you but you continue to tell yourself you are worthy, you are interesting, you are good looking enough for this unprecedented attention. You’re telling yourself a story of possibility, a chance for something awesome to develop. After all, what is the worst that could happen? You’re feeling confident, excited, happy, and powerful and you’re building this emotion strongly in your mind.

As they move toward you from across the room, you feel a quickening in your heartbeat, you swallow, and you feel a bit sick to your stomach. You remind yourself you are strong and you are attractive. You’ve got this! You play it out in your head exactly what you will say to them when they walk right past you and kiss the person directly behind you.

Dang! A SEMO is formed. Your brain is now programmed, because of the intensity of this “almost” interaction, to equate confidence, getting out of your comfort zone, and being powerful, with rejection, miscommunication, and failure. From now on, every time you feel these positive emotions, your brain is hardwired to the exact opposite outcome. The bad news is, from now on, it’s no wonder we never even try to be outgoing, confident, and powerful. The emotional hurt is etched in the subconscious mind and erroneously linked to the positive feelings.

The great news is there is a way to release these stored emotional patterns.

It’s called Morter March Release and it’s a more specific and advanced approach to releasing the “Emotional Hold” from your memory and reprogramming your SEMOs. The Morter March Release targets your specific emotional responses by your individual body pattern thus revealing where your pattern is stored. Many people go through life never knowing how these stored patterns causing an “Emotional Hold “are affecting their health and happiness. Not knowing is a dangerous game to play when it comes to health and happiness. In fact, we often hear that stress is a major cause of disease and a major cause of stress is SEMOs. Once you truly know the cause of your “Emotional Hold,” the Morter March release will start your journey back to an empowered life, a life of abundance and a pattern of health and happiness.

Think how liberating it will feel to release those feelings of unhappiness, imperfection, and self-judgment. What I’ll teach you in Morter March Release will empower you to do just that.


Step 2 – Now that you are conscious of the pattern, change it in a loving, caring way

Knowing what is happening and having the SKILL to change it are two different things.

You can’t “Talk your subconscious out of running a pattern” it has, successfully, for oftentimes years, maybe even a lifetime.

But there are specific steps you can take to REPATTERN the subconscious and change how it responds to events stored deep in your memory banks that are being supported at the deepest levels of your being.

Morter March release takes you to that deeper level where you can REPATTERN and UNLOCK the power of your true subconscious power to work WITH you instead of inadvertently against you.

Learning how to do Morter March Release isn’t complicated but it is comprehensive. It requires you to go through a predicable process of discovery, it is quick and painless and then implement a specific series of steps to reprogram your subconscious for success.

And then …


Step 3 – Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Your brain learns through repetition. You must actively repeat the process of REPATTERNING until your SEMO becomes a SEMA Subconscious Emotional Memory ACTIVATOR that causes your brain to recognize an old pattern, ACTIVATE a new one and continue that process until the new, proper, powerful pattern is AUTOMATICALLY activated to drive you to SUCCESS.

This process is not difficult nor does it take a lot of time. You don’t have to sit in therapy or stare a a candle for hours meditatively (not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact it has a lot of therapeutic value, just not in changing the patterns you are running).

You simply go through Morter March Release quickly, establish and reinforce the new pattern and then be on your way. It takes minutes a day and the changes we’ve seen in people who practice Morter March Release are profound.

I’ve been working with people in my practice for 16 years and I have seen amazing and immediate results when patients that I see in my practice and around the world apply this technology. I’ve seen patients no longer need the assistance of their walkers and wheelchairs, headaches, dizziness, stomach aches and things like anxiety and panic attacks have subsided significantly and even completely. Patients call it the Morter Magic!” 

Dolly Lowe

Morter March Release is designed to identify the exact pattern you have stored in your subconscious mind and through a specific and predictable step by step process, activate a new pattern. The new pattern will be more appropriate to your current beliefs and more congruent with your goals and dreams. As they say, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

To create a new pattern, we have developed a 3-Step process termed Thought /Activation/Release and here’s how it works.

  1. Thought…..You will think about a specific goal or dream you’ve had for some time and just can’t seem to bring it into fruition. You just can’t seem to make it happen no matter how hard you try. It gets close to the finish line, yet slips right through your fingers. It could be to get a better job, lose 10 pounds, find a partner of your dreams, or learn a new skill. There is often more than one single goal or dream you have “issue” with and our purpose is to determine which one is “active”. Which one can you update right now? Spend some quality time identifying what you really want to “fix” and make a list of the top 3 which are the most important to you.
  2. Activation….When the thought causes a shift in your body, like with a muscle test, it is an “active” thought and can be re-patterned. We will teach you how to do accurate muscle testing with another person or even by yourself to identify the exact thought pattern which can be updated right now. We will show you how to go down the list to determine which thought pattern is the one to start the repatterning release.
  3. Release…..Through the same process of muscle testing, you will be able to identify the exact SEMO pattern and associated emotion attached specifically to the pattern. Surprisingly the emotion is almost NEVER what you think it is, it’s something you probably never even guessed. Once you identify this stored pattern, the Morter March Release will enable you to update and replace the pattern effectively and consistently. Like anything else involving your mind, repetition is the key to lasting results.


In summary, the Morter March Release will empower you to identify which SEMO pattern has you stumped and enable you to release and replace the pattern with a new emotional picture of success. Yes, once you identify the specific pattern and update your subconscious mind to a new picture of success, you’re on track to complete the goal and or dream with much more ease. Your inherent ability to succeed has always been in there, just covered up with the limiting SEMO patterns in your mind. These patterns just aren’t real, except in your subconscious mind, and once you release them, you can move ahead to a better life, more success, and abundance.

This is the next step to the Morter March. It’s like being upgraded to First Class and once you have been up there, well, you just want to keep being up there. It’s fast and easy to master and the results will be uplifting and exciting. Finally, there’s a way to move forward with a specific and reproducible plan for success. It’s more than just talking about it, it a plan to DO something about it. Morter March release is doing what it takes to actually release the “hold backs” and move forward into success and abundance with your personal goals and dreams.

“I have been utilizing B. E. S. T. in my private practice for over 17 years and one of the easiest and most powerful tools that I share with clients is Morter March Release…When patients use Morter March Release as instructed, the level  of results they achieve is far beyond what they expected…The Power of Morter March Release is in its Simplicity of Application.”

Dr. Ralph J. LeBlanc

In the past we’ve charged upwards of a few hundred dollars for the Morter March system but since you’ve been experiencing the power of Morter March Monday and the Morter March already, we want you to have this technology so you can put it to use to transform your thoughts and your life today. Rather than charge hundreds, we are going to make it easy for you to say yes. The cost of the program is only $19.95, that’s less than a self help book in the airport or Barnes and Noble and the results, as you’ve already begun experiencing are profound!

All you have to do is click the I’m Ready To Release button below and you’ll be using Morter March Release in a few short minutes.

There is really only one person who can change your life and it is you, this is the technology of change. Are you ready to finally remove the blocks that have kept you from realizing your true, vast potential and possibility?

I look forward to seeing you on the other side, where our training together begins.