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Morter Weekly Newsletter  |  April 08, 2019

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Be sure to check out her blog at www.onmorterfarm.com

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Become More Financially Fit in 2019!

Here’s an opportunity to really improve the health of your finances! Why talk to you about your financial fitness? The fact is, finances (or the lack of having a handle on them!) cause a lot of worry and stress…and that is certainly a health and life concern! So, over the years, we’ve met with a number of financially successful people to find out their secrets, their methods, and their financial fitness routines in order to share that information with our Morter HealthSystem family. This year, we’ve put together an amazing training with financial experts Bryan Dodge and Garrett Gunderson, both of whom are best-selling authors and financial coaches who specialize in personal and business financial results.

Imagine learning specific information from these experts, along with the knowledge from years of the research we’ve done, which could put you on a path to the financial fitness you’ve dreamed of having. This is not a motivational seminar. This is a results-driven, financial fitness workshop designed to help you become a true architect of your financial future. You will learn:

  • How to maximize your stream or streams of income
  • How to develop your BEST money management plan
  • How to invest your money wisely and congruently with your belief system
  • How to plan and prepare for your financial future

With your enrollment and as part of your workshop fee, we will be sending you two important study packages to get you ready for the actual workshop.

#1 You will receive an educational package from Bryan Dodge, which contains:

  • The Good Life Rules (book) $ 25.00
  • The Principles of an Unstoppable Family Business (book) $ 17.95
  • Becoming the Obvious Choice (book) $ 10.00
  • How to Build a Better You (4 CD set plus 2 bonus CDs) $129.00
  • Bryan Dodge on Leadership (3 DVD set with workbook) $149.00
  • Memory in a Month by Ron White (6 CD set with workbook) $189.00
  • Debt Work software package (download link sent via email) $149.00
  • Your Living Talent Assessment (Code & Instructions sent via email) $ 49.95
  • The total retail price to those not in this workshop is: $718.90

#2 You will be invited to a special pre-workshop tele-training. Included in this training call will be assignments and specific training, which will get you fully prepared to maximize the results from the workshop!

Please join us on May 3-5 at Morter Farm in beautiful NW Arkansas (the home of some of the most successful companies in the world, like Walmart for example!) for this absolutely landmark Financial Fitness Workshop, featuring financial experts and best-selling authors, Garrett Gunderson and Bryan Dodge, along with B.E.S.T. experts, Dr. Ted Morter and Dr. Tom Morter to help you synchronize your patterns for success, and memory expert Blaine Athorn to help you infuse what you learn so you really own the concepts.

Remove financial and brain blocks! Make more money! Save more money! Keep more of your money! Maximize your profits! Gain more success in your small, medium or large businesses! Become financially fit! And, make back your investment in this workshop many times over as you implement the strategies of success into your life and work!

Call Melissa at 800-874-1478 for registration, pricing information and to get started with your pre-workshop study packages! VERY limited seating remains, so call today!