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Morter Weekly Newsletter  |  February 25, 2019

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Being Proactive Toward Your Health

The beautiful aspect of wellness is that we can control our own. Wellness and disease are just different degrees of the same thing. Both originate from the same source – physiological responses to stimuli. With predominately appropriate stimuli, we rest comfortably on the health side of the continuum. When most of the stimuli that spark physiological responses are inappropriate, we develop what we call “disease.” By understanding that health and disease are effects of perfect internal responses, you’ll never again look at a physical condition as the “luck of the draw.” And, by understanding that we are energy beings, composed of, developed by, and powered by perfect energy, we can understand that there’s more to us than meets the eye.

As thinking, feeling creatures, we have the opportunity to enjoy choices in every essential area of life. We can choose to recognize the positive side of each life experience and situation and to be considerate of others; or, we can choose to dwell on the negative and to think only of ourselves. We can choose to eat foods that our bodies can handle easily; or, we can choose to live on junk food.

Wellness is the result of a proactive stance rather than a reactive stance. In other words, rather than being reactive to disease, we should be proactive for health and wellness. Instead of trying to fix symptoms, we need to address the source of the problem that caused the symptoms. What is the cause that mandates low insulin levels, high blood pressure, or artery-clogging debris?

People who come to our Personal Care programs for help have a “cause” in one of three areas: trauma, toxicity or thoughts. Their bodies were either overly acidic (toxicity), or their bodies are expressing normal functions at inappropriate times due to the emotional engrams from an emotional trauma or their thinking. Something – or several “somethings” – have created a pattern for the body, forcing it to respond in ways that produce undesirable results for them. From the body’s point of view, however, the results are perfect for survival and survival is the body’s ultimate goal.

So, each of us makes choices in six essential areas of life. The cumulative effect of these choices is either long-term health, success, happiness, and general physical and mental wellness, or it is exhaustion, pain, and disease. The six essentials are: what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, what and how you breathe and, most importantly, what you think. Choices in these essential areas can cause an interference pattern – an interruption between brain cell and tissue cell. The updating of these inappropriate patterns at different levels through the Morter March, Morter March Release, the Morter Forgiveness Process, Personal B.E.S.T., Family B.E.S.T., and Professional B.E.S.T. give you the ability to choose to be proactive toward vibrant, good health!