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Morter Weekly Newsletter  |  March 05, 2018     

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The BEST Leverage

Dr. Ted here! I feel so blessed to be able to lead this group to success and abundance with the principles of MHS. I owe much of my success to the people around me. I leverage for them and receive leverage from them at the same time. This is called a win/win or symbiotic relationship – both parties win in this type of relationship.

I watch people come and go in my life and realize the importance of integrity and trust. Dr. Blake Brown is one of those people I depend on for his dedication, his unrelenting focus on B.E.S.T., and his friendship and support. We’ve been through it all together from times of plenty to times of great loss. We have laughed and cried together for probably 35 years. Blake Brown remains dedicated to searching for the truth and embodies the qualities of loyalty, dependability and, most importantly, love.

On our recent Inner Circle call, Blake was reserved, just listening, and just feeling what was being said. I say this based on his follow-up email, which I have included (with his permission.)

From Dr. Blake Brown:

A little feedback for you: First, good job on the Inner Circle call yesterday. Learned some things and re-read page 148 in “Dynamic Health.” Dr. Morter was truly a visionary.

Recently I had a patient come in immediately after he had visited ER to determine what was going on with him after a couple of days of headaches, dizziness and frequent loss of motor control in his arms and legs. After numerous tests, it was concluded they had no idea as to what was going on, suggested he take stress medications and sent him out the door with headaches, dizziness and issues controlling his arms and legs. I treated him as I would do with any other patient, using the new technique and providing homework including Morter March. He reported back that after he walked out of the office, the headaches disappeared, the dizziness lessened then abated within a few hours and he had normal control of his arms and legs.

I`ve seen him twice since and he remains asymptomatic. Interference was removed and the Power was turned back on and is holding steady. How blessed we are to have this special procedure to help others.


Blake understands the power of this technology; he trusts in the power. He trusted in me as I finished compiling, combining, and distilling the new technique release. And, when he moves forward with trust, he wins, his patients win, and his helps us win, too.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Blake, for all you do with B.E.S.T. and all you do for me.

Dr. Ted
Dr. Ted