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Morter Weekly Newsletter  |  March 12, 2018     

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Animal B.E.S.T. Success!

Spring is just around the corner and we’re focused on success at Morter Farm. I always ask Janna, “Do you think this magic just happens?!”…of course with a smile! What I mean when I say these words is simple. Success isn’t just something that happens out of the blue. Success with something happens by planning, and then implementing that plan, and then seeing it through to fruition. To this end, I have been working on a new Animal B.E.S.T. plan with laser focus – to get more people treating more animals with an even more amazing healing work than we’ve ever had before. And, to me, success is inevitable because I am beginning with the end in mind – a win/win for all (especially the animals)!

Step 1. Prepare The Farm
The onions sets have arrived along with all the seeds for tomatoes, peppers, squash, peas, and all the other veggies we picked out from the colorful pages of the seed catalogues back in January. The seed potatoes are arriving April 5! We are also planting more flowers this year for a most beautiful presentation all around. Janna and I have been out preparing the soil, mapping out the garden and getting the seeds started in the greenhouse. We will be ready for visitors!
Favorite quote: “If you build it, they will come!”

Step 2. Prepare The Barn
We’ve got plans for a whole new, expanded Animal B.E.S.T. program! So, the barn has to be “red-up” as my grandmother used to say. It’s a Northern term for getting the house ready for company, and it brings a smile to my face when I hear it. Note to self: Finish restoring the Ford 8N so it can be out of the barn and ready for hayrides!

Step 3. Announce the NEW Animal B.E.S.T. update!
We’ve been working on the new protocols for Animal B.E.S.T. and are excited to have it ready and released at the June 8-10 Animal B.E.S.T. training. Dr. Tom and I have been working for a year to update the procedure based on things we’ve found treating our animals and what some of our instructors have found with some of their furry clients. Things like a method for calming an agitated animal before the actual procedure begins, methods for dealing with ear problems and head shaking behaviors in dogs (in fact a bit more emphasis on dogs and cats in general will be a feature of this new format), a section on Animal Chakras, and methods for preparing and conducting yourself before, during and after your Animal B.E.S.T. sessions. In fact, we’ve also put some focus on the business side of things to teach you how to start and develop an Animal B.E.S.T. practice that you love.

This Animal B.E.S.T. will be a new class with a new workbook and an all-new experience – perfect for 2018! Whether you’ve been to Animal B.E.S.T. before or not, you absolutely will want to be here this year on June 8-10.

So, it’s clear to me what it takes to see the success this spring/summer 2018. I’ve got my plan, I know the steps, and I’ll take massive action to see it through. I’m building it!

With love,

Dr. Ted
Dr. Ted