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Morter Weekly Newsletter  |  May 6, 2019

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Health and Disease are Thoughtless

Here we are in the one of the most affluent, technologically advanced countries on earth, yet great numbers of us can tic off lengthy laundry lists of personal ills. Chronic fatigue, allergies, headaches, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and the list goes on. Combinations of aches and pains are endless. Being “tired” is a national pastime. So, if we are so advanced and smart, how come we’re so sick and tired?

We get sick when we push our bodies’ survival skills to extremes just to handle the consequences of our choices and actions. Pain and disease are survival effects. You’re not sick because you have diabetes or whatever. You have diabetes or whatever because you are sick. Oh, pain and disease certainly appear to be results of the body doing something “wrong,” but they are not. Pain and disease are the results of the body surviving to the point of exhaustion. Energy, which should be used to accomplish your daily activities, is being used to keep your body alive. I think we can all agree that survival is more important than accomplishment.

The body doesn’t do “wrong.” As long as the body functions at all, it functions perfectly, for survival. That is your body’s only goal. And, perfect internal survival functions don’t require any thought on your part. For example: when you exert yourself, you don’t’ need to think about raising your heart rate or your blood pressure. Those and the thousands of other internal adjustments your body constantly makes are all carried out without your conscious help. And, they’re done just right – perfect for survival – always.

So, you either survive or die. When you realize that the body responds only to survive, you realize that even responses we classify as disease are survival responses. Your disease is the “cure” for the effects of your inappropriate choices and actions over time. And, that’s a really difficult concept for many people to accept – your health, your choice and all of that.

Your body doesn’t think or plan for the future. You do that with your conscious mind. Physiological responses aren’t products of your conscious mind. They are often influenced by your conscious mind, but they aren’t directed by your conscious mind. You might include thanks for that when you acknowledge your many gifts and graces! Because, you absolutely couldn’t keep up with all of the physiological responses that happen in your body each moment – your heart beat, your breathing, your pancreas functioning, your intestines undulating, and the rest of the synchronized functions.

Disease doesn’t strike. Disease develops. It develops as the body adapts continuously to survive particular threatening conditions. When organs and systems become exhausted, disease is the next step. Usually, the disease affects the “weakest link.” The particular disease that develops depends on which organ or system has a hereditary tendency to “weakness” and/or has been hardest hit by what you have been doing to keep your body in hyper-survival mode. Your body is surviving all the time. When you make choices keeping one area on red-alert constantly, that area gets tired. The process generally goes on for so long you don’t even associate the cause with the effect. The cause is the choices you make in the 6 Essentials – what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, what & how you breathe, and what you think – that your body must survive. The effect is what you interpret as disease. Without the survival processes that lead to the effects you interpret as disease, you wouldn’t be around long enough to get sick!