Super Digest® – 90 Tabs

Super Digest Morter Supplement Natural Digestive is made from a digestive enzyme derived from plants. This product works to replace enzymes destroyed by cooking. SuperDigest™ contains seven plant digestive enzymes, including Lactase, which helps in the digestion of milk and dairy products. These enzymes aid in the stomach’s digestive process and may help to acidify an acid- deficient stomach. This formula represents the ultimate in enzyme science!

Super Digest® — Enzyme Science

Have you ever finished a meal, felt full, and then regretted the amount of food you just ate? And, after a few minutes, felt even more full to the point of discomfort? You might not feel as if you had overeaten – at the time – however, within just a few minutes you probably began to feel an over-full, bloated feeling in your gut. Your body was trying to tell you something.

For over 40 years, the Morter HealthSystem Nutrition Program has focused on educating how exactly the digestive system works. Truth be told, it’s a somewhat scary journey into the gut! Here’s the reason: Our diets have shifted markedly in those 40+ years, shifting to over-processed foods, convenient fast food, and foods virtually void of life properties altogether. Sadly, we have migrated, by commercialization of animal food sources, away from a plant based diet rich in vitamins and minerals. And, even if we eat plants, they’re not as they were intended.

Let’s be honest; the gas station was never designed to be a place to buy your lunch!

For example, let’s look at a simple potato. When foods are processed away from the original form – say a potato into a potato chip – pretty much every positive, life-enhancing aspect of that potato is (to put it nicely) stripped away. The process becomes totally about how it tastes, how good it looks, how cheaply it can be made, and how long it can last on the shelf. There is just not much focus on the food actually being good for you. Rather, it’s just about the economics of the sale and getting you to consume more. The initial step in processing the potato is to remove the enzyme and mineral-rich peal, and discard it. This is part of the overall challenge we face — much of our food has no enzyme and no real mineral content left. Next, we heat up the vegetable oil to a near-flash point to deep-fat fry the slices of potato. This virtually ensures there are no living traits in the final product. And to top it off, seasonings like salt, sugar, and other flavorings are added to help the bland and lifeless taste of the chip. So, this is what we put in our digestive system, and we expect our bodies to process this engineered food. But wait, because there’s more to expose.

Since there are no active enzymes in the “potato chip Frankenfood,” our digestive system has a challenge. There must be enzymes present to adequately and effectively digest what we eat — period. And, without these life-enhancing enzymes, it takes more energy to process the food, if it’s even possible at all.

I know you probably didn’t expect a science lesson, but this is what the research proves.

Here’s what happens to that “harmless” chip. It has no possibility of turning into a nutritional benefit for you. It will just slowly move through the digestive system, as it silently begins to spoil. And, a byproduct of food spoiling is production of gas. This type of fermentation tends to belch back up as the pressure increases. After all, it has to go somewhere, and the path of least resistance happens to be back up to the top. First you feel uncomfortable from the pressure, and then up it comes.

This isn’t just about chips. This is about your choices in the types of food you eat. This is really a science question — enzyme science. Is the food you are choosing void of minerals and critical life-enhancing enzymes? Well, if you cook the food above 125 degrees, enzymatic activity is killed. It becomes a dead food. We need live foods to thrive and to heal. Sure, we can exist on dead foods, but ultimately, without a balance of live foods, we pay the price and we get sick. Live food equals life, and dead food … well, you get it, right?

We must put the life back in the overcooked, over-processed and chemically preserved foods we eat every day. Every meal is important, and the good news is you can help take care of your digestive system by making better, educated choices! We must use science, Enzyme Science, to outsmart what’s happening to our food.

Think about your diet these past few days. Let’s take a breakfast of a bowl of “healthy” cereal. If you had servings of dairy, they were more than likely pasteurized — dead. You could use the help of Lactase, the enzyme for dairy, and Protease for the protein. And, if you put that milk on cereal for breakfast, you had carbohydrate – cooked carbohydrate. You’ll need Amylase, which is the plant enzyme, to break down the carbohydrate. And, if you had any processed/cooked fat, you need Lipase to break it down efficiently. So, let’s add something else to the cereal: fruit. You’ll need Cellulase to break down the plant cell walls so you can extract the necessary vitamins, minerals, etc., from the fruit. Now, there could be Cellulase in the berries, if they weren’t pasteurized, radiated, or tampered with in any way.

You could add some papaya to the cereal for wonderful enzymes to digest protein. Science is catching up with the wisdom of traditional healers in South America, understanding Papain in papaya can play a significant role in the breakdown of toxins, and is a powerful digestive aid and antioxidant. Pineapple has been used for centuries in Central and South America to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation. Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in pineapples, which helps to digest protein. You could add this to your cereal if you have the time.

Understanding the significance of enzymes and the science supporting their role in overall health, including brain barrier conditions, is paramount. [ From Prague Psychiatric Centre, Ustavni 91, 181 03 Prague 8, Czech Republic. ]

The application of some plant proteolytic enzymes (bromelain and papain) acting as anti-inflammatory agents is suggested. Moreover, protease-mediated decomposition of the vascular deposits might increase the blood-brain barrier permeability to nutrients and therapeutic agents. The experimental findings may indicate an increased blood-brain barrier permeability, induced by the administration of plant cysteine proteases in an aging brain.

For centuries, the Arabs knew of the miraculous properties of Alfalfa grass. Loaded with powerful enzymes (if unheated) bio available for a nutrient and mineral-dense supplement, it helped their horses to maintain swiftness and strength. They named the plant “Al-fal-fa,” meaning “father of all foods.” Greens … something to consider wouldn’t you agree?

So, back to your healthy breakfast. If you added some toast with butter or a bagel with cream cheese, juice, and maybe some meat (more protein), you probably will experience some type of discomfort or that bloated feeling we spoke of earlier. Possibly it also happens to you at lunch or dinner. Whatever the case, for a healthy “gut” with smooth and easy digestion, the “lock” and the “key” is Enzyme Science!

After over 40 years of research, both clinical and scientific, we’ve unlocked this puzzle. We leveraged this Enzyme Science, so you can experience real active enzymes in the proper proportions, delivered at the correct time to unleash your healthy digestive potential.

If you suffer from digestive problems such as gut stress, burping after meals, flatulence, bloating, pressure, irregular gut activity, or feeling tired after your meal … that’s your cue that it’s time for a change!

Super Digest®, the flag-ship application of true Enzyme Science, has every enzyme mentioned in an easy-to-take and fast-acting formula, which has been over four decades in testing and development. All you have to do is follow the directions on the bottle. We know you’ll be happy with the results in as little as a couple of meals. This product can work that fast. This powerful enzyme complex is completely natural, plant based, and may even help with an acid-deficient stomach for better digestive ease.

Super Digest® with each meal represents the ultimate application of “Enzyme Science” to everyday eating.

Trust your gut and give it a try. Your body will thank you for it.

B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line®

Super Digest

Pure Vegetable Digestive Enzyme Formula

Super Digest contains 7 digestive enzymes including Lactase, which aids in digestion of milk products in the dairy-intolerant, plus Cellulase which breaks down fibrous cell walls. These enzymes represent the ultimate in enzyme science!

  • Each bottle contains: 90 Tablets
  • Directions: Adults – Take 1 or 2 tablets with each regular meal. Take 2 tablets with large, fatty, or fried meals.
  • Contains no yeast. Not heat treated.
  • Stores best in a refrigerator or in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Warning: Consult a healthcare professional before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.
Supplement Vegetarian Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Soy-Free Contains Nuts Organic
Adrenergy No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaBoost Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaCal No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaCleanse No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AlkaDog No Yes No Yes No No
AlkaDophilus Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Alkadrenergy Yes Yes Yes No No No
AlkaGreen Powder Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
AlkaGreen Tabs Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
AlkaOmega No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaPan No Yes No Yes No No
AlkaSlim Yes No Yes Yes No No
Super V Yes Yes Yes No No No
SuperDigest Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Trace Minerals Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Trace Energy Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line® Supplements are not heat treated, so the enzymatically active ingredients remain alive for maximum effectiveness.

Why are enzymes so important?

Enzymes break down the food you eat and release valuable nutrients so they can be absorbed by the blood and used to build and repair vital organs and tissue. Also, this process produces the energy we need to maintain a strong immune system.

Since enzymes are not stored by the body, it is vital to maintain a helathy nutritional balance in the body to allow it to continually produce enough enzymes to keep the body strong, protecting us from disease.

Alka•Line® products help provide the raw materials the body needs to make enzymes. They provide the necessary colloidal minerals found organically in whole foods like fruits and vegetables while maintining live enzymes whenever possible to aid the body’s digestive process.

The problem is excess protein!

Eating too much of a good thing – protein – causes excess acid to accumulate in our bodies, leading to toxicity and disease. Our cells become congested with excess protein, forcing the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of our body’s life-sustaining fluids, which are normally alkaline, down to abnormal, cell-stifling, disease-producing levels of toxic acidity.

Cells normally live in an alkaline environment and produce acid as a by-product, which is easily eliminated by the lungs. As foods are digested, they create a residue called ash, which is alkaline, neutral or acid. Fruits and vegetables produce a healthy alkaline ash. But, meats, grains, eggs and dairy products leave an acid ash. Over-consumption of these foods results in so much acid that the body can become toxic, leading to the disease proccess. That’s the Protein Paradox. Adequate protein is vital to keep cells healthy, but too much protein makes cells toxic and leads to disease.

B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line® Supplements can help your body restore its natural alkalinity, put you back on the road to health, and help return your body to its natural state – healthy and functioning perfectly!

You can maintain life, health, and vitality by consuming three times as much alkaline-forming as acid-forming foods. But changing the eating habits of a lifetime is very difficult for most of us.

That’s how B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line Supplements can help. As you improve your diet, these supplements assure the alkalinity so vital to your body, so you start feeling better and getting healthier. As the first step, we usually recommend Alka•Green®, our best total body alkalizer.

NOTE: As with any supplement, consult your B.E.S.T. or Medical practitioner to determine if this product is right for you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.