Trace Minerals® – 1oz.

Over 70 trace minerals in concentrated colloidal suspension providing all the essential minerals from an organic plant source. They aid the body in optimal function of energy, nutrition and tissue healing.

Did you know, many of the foods you eat every day are either depleted or even void of the minerals needed for your body to thrive?

Sure, we can blame it on GMO’s or over processing the foods we eat, but there’s another problem, which is insidious, predictable, and has devastating consequences. Our soil is dying. Did you know that as our soil becomes more and more depleted of vital trace minerals, our food supply becomes less and less effective in giving us the basic elements we need to survive and to thrive?

Our croplands are being over used and depleted of vital nutrients systematically and without thought of the consequences. That leads to poor health. And, it’s not likely to change for the better.

The facts are simple. You need minerals to survive and thrive. Every chemical process inside your body needs minerals. To repair damaged tissues, you need minerals. To fight off illness and disease, you need minerals, and this sad state of affairs is hitting us right between the eyes. Our diets need more minerals, period.

However, it’s not that simple. Our much needed trace minerals must come from the plant kingdom for maximum absorption and utilization. We need plants to take the minerals from the hard ground and convert them into something we can easily use. The plants are the key to our lasting health and longevity, which brings up a topic we been studying for over 30 years: Trace Minerals.

For nearly a quarter of a century, beginning with the late Dr. Morter Jr., we’ve been offering the ultimate Trace Mineral supplementation. Millions of years in processing from a plant-based source, Morter Trace Minerals are completely without heat processing, are organic, and are held in a colloidal suspension. They do not settle to the bottom of the dropper, because they are completely stable and direct from nature.

After years of research and clinical testing, we can honestly say we’ve never seen anything like these special Morter Trace Minerals. Patients report increased energy, stamina, and strength. That’s more of the very things you so desire. The reason is simple. Whether taken internally or used topically, your body is finally receiving the nutrients necessary for maximum physiological uptake to take place. It’s like putting premium fuel in your tank. You can tell the difference in just a short time as these minerals work their magic.

And, to get the most value from the foods you eat and any supplements you take, Morter Trace Minerals are the key. Once your body has the proper nutrients, which are readily available from these minerals, you will certainly see and feel the difference.

We encourage you to consider if these Morter Trace Minerals might be what’s missing from your daily plan.

B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line®

Trace Minerals

in Colloidal Suspension

Contains more than 77 natural, plant-origin trace minerals and trace elements, and 18 amino acids from the world’s richest source of fulvic minerals – extracted using purified water only, with no extraction chemicals or additives used in our exclusive extraction technology.

  • Each bottle contains: 1 fluid ounce (30 mL).
  • Directions: Place in 7-10 drops in juice or water per day as a dietary supplement. Add lemon if desired.
  • Warning: Never place directly in your mouth. Always dilute in fruit juice or water.
  • Avoid using in chlorinated water or with ice made from chlorinated water.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Warning: Consult a healthcare professional before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.
Supplement Vegetarian Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Soy-Free Contains Nuts Organic
Adrenergy No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaBoost Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaCal No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaCleanse No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AlkaDog No Yes No Yes No No
AlkaDophilus Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Alkadrenergy Yes Yes Yes No No No
AlkaGreen Powder Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
AlkaGreen Tabs Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
AlkaOmega No Yes Yes Yes No No
AlkaPan No Yes No Yes No No
AlkaSlim Yes No Yes Yes No No
Super V Yes Yes Yes No No No
SuperDigest Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Trace Minerals Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Trace Energy Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line® Supplements are not heat treated, so the enzymatically active ingredients remain alive for maximum effectiveness.

Why are enzymes so important?

Enzymes break down the food you eat and release valuable nutrients so they can be absorbed by the blood and used to build and repair vital organs and tissue. Also, this process produces the energy we need to maintain a strong immune system.

Since enzymes are not stored by the body, it is vital to maintain a helathy nutritional balance in the body to allow it to continually produce enough enzymes to keep the body strong, protecting us from disease.

Alka•Line® products help provide the raw materials the body needs to make enzymes. They provide the necessary colloidal minerals found organically in whole foods like fruits and vegetables while maintining live enzymes whenever possible to aid the body’s digestive process.

The problem is excess protein!

Eating too much of a good thing – protein – causes excess acid to accumulate in our bodies, leading to toxicity and disease. Our cells become congested with excess protein, forcing the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of our body’s life-sustaining fluids, which are normally alkaline, down to abnormal, cell-stifling, disease-producing levels of toxic acidity.

Cells normally live in an alkaline environment and produce acid as a by-product, which is easily eliminated by the lungs. As foods are digested, they create a residue called ash, which is alkaline, neutral or acid. Fruits and vegetables produce a healthy alkaline ash. But, meats, grains, eggs and dairy products leave an acid ash. Over-consumption of these foods results in so much acid that the body can become toxic, leading to the disease proccess. That’s the Protein Paradox. Adequate protein is vital to keep cells healthy, but too much protein makes cells toxic and leads to disease.

B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line® Supplements can help your body restore its natural alkalinity, put you back on the road to health, and help return your body to its natural state – healthy and functioning perfectly!

You can maintain life, health, and vitality by consuming three times as much alkaline-forming as acid-forming foods. But changing the eating habits of a lifetime is very difficult for most of us.

That’s how B.E.S.T. Process Alka•Line Supplements can help. As you improve your diet, these supplements assure the alkalinity so vital to your body, so you start feeling better and getting healthier. As the first step, we usually recommend Alka•Green®, our best total body alkalizer.

NOTE: As with any supplement, consult your B.E.S.T. or Medical practitioner to determine if this product is right for you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.