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7 Tips for the Best Work/Life Balance

A woman in the workplace wearing a striped shirt

7 Tips for the Best Work/Life Balance

1. Be where you are

Have you ever noticed when you are in a restaurant, there are a lot of people bent over looking at their phones instead of talking with whoever is at the table with them? And how sad is that? Heads down and fingers tapping the screen of their phones, time lost, the personal interaction with others lost, and the idea of just being in the moment, lost. If the distraction is all about work, plan better while at work. Granted, there are always exceptions, however, plan not to always be the exception and to be in the moment instead.

2. Focus your time and attention on things in your circle of influence

Granted, there are expectations in most work situations, which are determined by your employer. Changing these situations can have major life consequences, which require much bigger decisions. Having said that, plan to be successful with your current and present situation. Focus on what YOU do and your choices that align with your goals.

3. Determine exactly what is important to you

Discussing challenges or opportunities with a trusted partner can be so beneficial to you. When two minds focus on a plan for success, it becomes exponentially easier to define and then, of course, accomplish. Often times a simple discussion leads to an epiphany, thereby revealing the importance or lack of importance of the issue. Quiet your mind and go with your inner feelings. Remember, you and you alone are responsible for your thoughts and actions.

4. Get your body moving

Ed Foreman recommends jumping out of bed in the morning to set your personal stage for success. Even if you aren’t really a “jumper,” the point is to convince yourself today is a “Terrific!” day with affirmations and positive thinking as soon as you get out of bed. Get your body moving in a positive manner. Go for a walk each morning with nothing but positive thoughts entertaining you.

5. Stop doing things you don’t like to do

Don’t settle for things that don’t make you feel good – food that isn’t good, clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable, “things” you don’t really use or want. Don’t do things that you dread or that make you unhappy! And, if you don’t like the way people are treating you, thus causing you to feel unhappy, change the way you are responding.

6. Remember to take it easy

Give yourself a break, here. Don’t assume that you need to make big changes to bring more balance to your life. Simply start by spending an hour a week on your hobby, or planning a weekend getaway with your spouse, or learning something new. Even when the feeling has been overtaken by your job or commitments, you can take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge your batteries. Do something that makes you happy each day. When you get in this habit, it will be much easier to determine exactly what you want out of life!

7. Stop saying you “Don’t have time!”

Unless you are about to take your last breath, you have time. It’s only what you choose to spend your time doing that is in the discussion here! You absolutely choose how you spend every minute of every day. Besides being a phrase with very bad energy – what you think about you bring about after all – saying that you “don’t have time” doesn’t serve you.