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A Different Focus on Your Goals in 2021!

A Different Focus on Your Goals in 2021!

It’s well-understood at this point, that the practice of goal setting is essential for your success, both on a business level and on a personal one. In fact, there have been over a thousand studies done on the effectiveness of goal setting. And, in those studies it has been proven over and over that setting a specific, challenging goal leads to higher performance than setting an easy or vague goal (such as “to do one’s best”), or to set no goal at all. And, the bigger your goal is, then the higher your performance will be.

It’s important to understand the types of goals to set, what traits you elicit in terms of the goal setting process, and the actual process you undertake of achieving those goals. First, there are two types of goals: learning goals and performance goals. A learning goal puts the emphasis on discovering or mastering a specific task. An example would be, “I intend to learn basic Italian in 2021.” A performance goal focuses on a specific task outcome. An example would be, “I intend to save an extra $500 each month.”

Using your belief systems and training is important when you are defining your goals and in understanding how best to achieve them. How you think and your beliefs determine the traits you possess as you define and structure your goals. For instance, Dr. Morter used to say that he would put a sign in every room reading, “I am at peace.” His point was, you can’t “want” and also be at peace. When defining your goals, it’s not what you “want” but instead what you “intend.” It’s “I am thankful because I already have it.” This is because it’s all energy. When you think this way, you arrange your energy in your empty space to attract that to you.

The actual process you undertake of achieving your goals is the action step. What you do each and every day either directs you to meeting your goals or it distracts you from it. Sometimes we make poor decisions in the moment out of comfort or convenience or just because that’s what you are used to doing. These choices, coupled with procrastination, distract you from achieving your goals.

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