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A Memorable Weekend for the Elite!

A Memorable Weekend for the Elite!

Dr. Ted here! Oh my goodness! What an amazing Elite Weekend we had here in Northwest Arkansas! The Elite Diplomate level of training went deeper into Advanced Emotional Triggers by actually positioning the Emotions into a gradient of intensity for each pair. We focused on shifting the mental energy of the patient/client by “Asking” whether the reason for the visit and subsequent Emotional Triggers are “Brain Based” or “Gut Based”. Once he/she actually thinks of Brain vs. Gut, the Emotional Trigger will shift into the appropriate pattern and reveal itself.

The biggest take-away from this Elite weekend 4-day event was that the appropriate “Door” is always the key to success. Activating the Enteric Nervous System by mentally thinking about this “Door” will subsequently allow for deeper Emotional Triggers to surface when you are “Asking” questions in preparation for addressing the underlying reason for the visit and the treatment. Following the protocol outlined, rather than just “bursting into a room” through any given “Door”, will allow for the best results and most complete update possible. Again, the importance is the “Door” and then locating the particular Emotional Trigger. It’s about how you arrive at the Emotional Trigger and not just the Emotional Trigger itself.

The Elite Master program on Saturday and Sunday was a profound study of finer technique points, which allowed access to doors allowing for deeper feelings to surface in the patient/client when the these Masters were “asking” questions of the body, as well as a focus on how we can work from the front side of the model in the delivery of B.E.S.T. for a better understanding of preventing the development of SEMO patterns.

We had big announcements of how B.E.S.T. is spreading in Mexico with Dr. Dolly Lowe, and Dr. Shannon Brown discussed how the Morter March Monday program is helping build her practice and other B.E.S.T. practices all over the world! Also, Dr. Walter Parish showed us, in detail, how he continues to build his amazing B.E.S.T. practice in Arizona. And, of course, Dr. Blake Brown showed us all what it is to really be.

With all new flow charts, workbooks, and a new Feelings Chart, these four days of Elite study were full of exciting new, deeply moving experiences for everyone! And, the fiesta at Morter Farm on Thursday night was just so much fun! Check out some pictures on our Morter HealthSystem Facebook group page!

So many people have reached out to let us know they will be attending next year, so our 2019 seminar schedule will reflect a repeat of this back-to-back Elite Diplomate and Elite Master format. Oh, and the 2019 schedule is available now! Make sure you mark your calendars to attend a B.E.S.T. Training, Personal Care, Animal B.E.S.T. and/or Elite training in 2019!

Thank you so much to all of you who made this Elite Weekend 2018 such a huge success. Your support and energy brought tears to my eyes, and I’m thankful for you being in my life.