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Adding to the Morter Family of Companies!

Adding to the Morter Family of Companies!

Dr. Tom here! I just wanted to take this opportunity to update all of you on a recent acquisition we’ve made into the Morter HealthSystem family of companies. After an extended period of negotiations, we’ve been able to partner with Blaine Athorn to buy the Global Information Network (GIN). We have been sharing Morter HealthSystem philosophy with the members of this group for many years. They are a like-thinking tribe from literally all over the globe who love our message. Many of you have received patients and clients over the years as a direct result of our involvement with this club. There is a heart to this club that remains. The original mission of the club was about success – personal success in health, relationships, business, and finances. By acquiring this club, our intention is to help GIN get back to that heart, that mission.

To that end, we’ve worked very hard these past couple of months to upgrade the trainings and presentations offered by the club to its members. We’ve elicited feedback from current members on what they need and desire in the club and have redesigned benefits and events to satisfy those desires. And, we certainly realize there is more to do. Here’s where you come in. We heartily invite you to join us in rebuilding the Global Information Network. And, by rebuilding, we don’t mean that it’s a multi-level marketing company. It is not. That club doesn’t exist anymore.

THIS club is a group of people who believe we have the power to create the life of our dreams – the power to make health enhancing choices, the power to envision our future and bring about what we dream about, and the power to create relationships with people who build us up and support us. And that, my friends, is true success. There is real energy and strength when numbers of people who think this way get together. It’s people helping each other. That’s what the new GIN is all about.

You can see why we thought this would be a welcome addition to the Morter HealthSystem group. Dr. Morter developed B.E.S.T. nearly 45 years ago, and his intention was to help as many people as possible with those principles – to improve the health of mankind, worldwide. Finding these teachable people, open to learning and practicing these principles, is a huge forward step.

Morter HealthSystem and GIN simply makes sense. Here’s how you can get involved:
Previous GIN members can now be re-sponsored by their previous sponsor, or directly by Morter HealthSystem, by using this special affiliate code 1513499 and waive any sign-up fees. That’s right, no fee to re-join!
Simply go to support@ginunited.com and tell them you are back!!! Not yet a member of GIN, and would like to learn more? Send me an email drtom@morter.com.

We hope you will contact us, talk to GIN members, and see what this is all about. The next Major Event for GIN is in Chicago on July 27-29. Go to www.ginevolve.com for more information on the event itself.

Thank you for considering being a part of this great group of people!