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Are We Meat Eaters?

Are we truly meat eaters? Learn how to lead a healthy life without meat.

Are We Meat Eaters?

How are you to know what kind of food to eat?  Most Americans now eat a meat-centered diet.  Many creatures eat this way, but many do not.  What is the difference?  Who should eat what? 

Meat eaters have very acidic saliva and very short food digestion tracts that allow for rapid digestion and waste elimination.  Man, on the other hand, have alkaline saliva and much longer digestion tracts, which are ideally suited for starch digestion, similar to plant and grain-eaters.  This basic fact should convince us that starch (complex carbohydrates) should be the mainstay of our diet.

With that as a logical foundation, you can see the reason, even the necessity, for changing what you eat if you have a high-protein meat-eaters diet.  It only stands to reason that if you use fuel more congruent to the way that you were created, you’ll feel better.  This eating plan will provide the necessary nutrients for you, and when a meal is finished, you will no longer have the desire to raid the refrigerator.

What so many have accomplished on our Morter Alka•Slim® “Take My Body Back Challenge” is to learn that you can survive and lose weight and feel great on a starch-based diet (complex carbohydrates).  The diet of the past: fat, oil, meat, egg, fish, poultry, and dairy-centered, will now become starch, vegetable, and fruit-centered.

When starting this program, we suggest a few commitments for you to make to yourself:                                   

  • I will list 3 things I want to accomplish with this program.
  • I have always eaten what I like.  Now I realize that I must like what I eat.  I will not live to eat but eat to live.
  • I realize that the condition of my body, both health-wise and weight-wise, is the end result of my lifestyle habits.  I am in control of what I eat, what I drink, how I exercise, how I rest, what and how I breathe, and how I think.
  • My physical body must also change when I change some of my habits.  I must get my body moving.
  • When I drink coffee or caffeine drinks or eat processed sugar, my body is being controlled from the outside and becomes dependent on these control systems to stimulate energy artificially.  I understand that as I gradually reduce these stimulants, I may experience headaches or a lack of energy as my body becomes again controlled by internal regulatory systems.

Interested in taking your body back?!  We are starting a new challenge on our Facebook group, The AlkaSlim 45-Day Challenge.  You can get the Take My Body Back kit here. Come join us!