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Are You Getting Real Sleep?

Unhappy woman in pajamas sitting on bed at night

Are You Getting Real Sleep?

Negative emotions and memories stimulate chemical production within the body, and your body reacts physically to these chemicals. Constant output of internal chemicals and reactions can lead to the exhaustion of your body or some part, or parts, of your body, which is called Emotional Memory Override. And we can all place ourselves in a state of Emotional Memory Override.

When you are experiencing Emotional Memory Override, you will often be unable to sleep. Of course, insomnia is quite prevalent in our society; however, in a normal healthy condition, no one should have to resort to a sleeping pill or a wake-up pill to get adequate sleep or wake from a period of rest. If you are in a constant state of agitation that does not allow you to sleep, then you must address what is causing you to be this way – the Emotional Memory Override.

This constant barrage of negative feelings doesn’t allow for a calm state of mind and thus prohibits you from falling asleep. It seems a bit ironic: while your body is experiencing extreme exhaustion, you can’t go to sleep! Instead, those in this mental turmoil tend to lie awake fighting their mental battles until the wee hours of the morning. At that point, they may drift off into a fitful bout of sleep – a sleep plagued by these intense negative feelings. When this happens, the deep-rooted negative emotions become locked into our memory and mind. They become super-glued to the psyche, causing interference in the smooth flow of energy within the body.

When you wake up, your body is as tired as it was when you went to bed. So, even if you got a few hours of sleep, no rest truly occurred. Your body could not rejuvenate or recuperate, which is the primary function of sleep.

To overcome Emotional Memory Override and the resulting sleep deprivation, you must address the cause of these negative emotions. Whether the reason is an experience that occurred twenty-five years ago or something that happened last week, getting to the cause is the answer. And the Morter Forgiveness Process is what can help you address that cause.