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As We Enter the Holiday Season…

happy family taking selfie by smartphone outdoors

As We Enter the Holiday Season…

Based on phone calls, emails, and social media posts, it appears there were a lot of happy Thanksgivings celebrated, and just a whole lot of thankful and happy people all around! And, that’s important! Because it has always been our intention, from the very beginning, to help you live your healthiest, happiest, most successful life – an energy you will then be able to share with others. So, when we see you doing that?  Well, that’s just the greatest reward of all!

And, there is always more to learn and more to do and, of course, there are more opportunities ahead! 

So, this is the time of year to take a look at where you are.  Have you made progress toward your goals? Are you ready to update those goals . . . maybe even change them all together? Are you thriving every day, or just surviving? That’s the important question for sure. Because, if you are more just in survival mode, but you really would prefer to be thriving – making 2022 YOUR biggest year for health, happiness, and success yet – that starts with doing things differently now, right?

Even the smallest changes can really add up, you know.  Changes or upgrades in how you think about and react to things, changes in how you get your body moving, and changes in how and what you eat are so important! Start by making small, simple commitments, which are easy to implement, and when done one after the other will guide you on a clear path to success. Form habits that help you reach your goals, not lead you astray from them, like:

1. If you start to go negative in your thinking, stop immediately (Cancel! Cancel!) and mentally start listing all the things you are thankful for instead.

2. Do the Morter March every morning when you get out of bed.

3. End mindless snacking. Most of the time we don’t snack because we are hungry; we snack because we are bored or nervous or upset. Go drink a glass of water and take a walk instead.

You absolutely have the power to change your life – to better your life – every single day. And, we are here to help you do just that! 

Oh, the amazing things ahead! So glad you are on this journey with us!