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Avoid the Dreaded Mind Bend!

Avoid the Dreaded Mind Bend!

Dr. Ted here! The energy you emit and receive determines your day, your week, your month, your year, and your life. Unfortunately, distractions can keep you from focusing energetically on the positive outcome of the issue at hand. We often are victims of a rare and debilitating neurological brain challenge called “mind bending”! This “mind bending” keeps us from focusing on present time consciousness, and this present time consciousness is the key to efficiency and productivity. To be able to focus on the task at hand, a clear mind set is imperative, and therefore focus is a must.

Here’s what generally happens to me when this mind bending “virus” takes over! I tend to think about home while traveling. I start wondering, How are the kids? How’s Janna? When can I go home? What about the upcoming events at the barn? You get the picture. These thoughts tend to bend my mind away from the tasks at hand and toward other non-related topics in another place in time. I get focused on things other than what I need to focus on at the time I should be focusing on them. And then, to make it worse, while I’m at home I would start thinking about what I didn’t get done at work, upcoming events, projects and important meetings. Go figure. This would cause me to be less efficient than I could be because this “mind bending” has impeded my focus and productivity.

To keep “mind bending” at bay, prepare yourself with at least an hour of energetic power every morning. The first thing to do is to focus on positive things you want to have happen that day. I’ve found the best way to have a great and positive day is to create it from the start. Say things like: It’s a great day! Or, like Ed Foreman says, “It’s a terrific day!” In fact, start thinking about how great the day is going to be even before getting out of bed. Some days, I may spend an hour just being still and reflecting on what I expect to happen that day.

Then I recommend going for a power walk. Again, while you are walking, focus on positive things like listing all the people and things you are thankful for in your life.

I’ve found that by priming my positive pump early in the day, when challenges arise, I’m better prepared to handle the situation. Truthfully, without the proper planning for a positive day, it is nearly impossible to maintain the positive energy. Plan to be positive and win!