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Becoming A Successful B.E.S.T. Practitioner

senior woman and doctor with clipboard at hospital

Becoming A Successful B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Do you study the successful traits of successful people? Really study them? Do you watch their videos over and over? Do you read their books time and again, maybe even just a chapter several times? Do you listen, blocking out all of the distractors of our current times – cell phones, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – and really utilize focused listening to audios? Do you spend any time alone just thinking and processing your life, your goals?

These are things, it’s been found, that those with great accomplishment take the time to do. They hone their skills, regardless of what profession or vocation they have chosen. They work on themselves. They own their craft. They learn how to communicate that craft in a way that others can understand and relate to. You see, just knowing about something does not make you capable of expressing and sharing it with others. Becoming passionate and enthusiastic helps; however, in this day and age, you only have a few seconds to engage people, because they become easily distracted.

If you desire to grow your business – a B.E.S.T. Practice or other – you must first own your business, your craft. You must be able to express and communicate its benefits in terms others can relate to. You must create an urgent desire for them to know more, feel more, experience more, and become more in some aspect of their lives.

Realize that from your studies and dedication to your craft you are completely capable of helping others in ways they have not previously heard of or considered. Constantly add to your skillset. Learn to work on children. They love B.E.S.T. Learn how to work on animals. They are forever changed after the energetic balancing that B.E.S.T. assures. Expand your circle of influence by expanding your field of knowledge. Own your technique. Learn how to communicate it to your desired audience. Deliver it with passion and enthusiasm. True passion and enthusiasm – not a faked, hyped-up energy – will shine through every time. You can do this. You are enough!