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Bring Back Your Balance

Bring Back Your Balance

One of the true keys to a healthy life and lifestyle is figuring out how to bring balance to the many aspects of your life. Have you ever realized that when you don’t feel good, get sick, or stressed it is because you are out of balance in one or more areas of your life? Often you are either working too hard physically or mentally/emotionally. Your conscious brain is working overtime and spilling your thoughts, fears and worries into your unconscious brain, even while you sleep. Your unconscious brain then runs your body in an out-of-balance state. This brings about altered physiology or “dis-ease” in your physical body. It all makes so much sense when you are talking about someone else, right? Take some time to assess your own state of balance from time to time. Be honest. You will benefit from some self-evaluation.

Many of us get stuck in the “work” mode for far too many hours per day. Usually this is done with great intentions, even in an attempt to help others. The rules of balance still apply. We must create other neural pathways to balance our systems. We must go for a walk, sit outside, bond with nature and loved ones, go fishing, dance, laugh, converse with others on topics not work-related, exercise, relax or enjoy some inward reflection time: just to make sure we don’t overdo our work mode. Have you ever noticed how great and energized you feel after these types of activities? The chemicals produced by these activities are critical to your wellbeing. It comes back to one word: balance.

B.E.S.T. and the Morter March allow us to maintain balance and homeostasis. We must plan our lives and live our plans. Enjoy the journey. Don’t take life too seriously. Be thankful and stay balanced.

Join us every Monday morning at 9:00 Central time for Morter March Monday, our Morter HealthSystem page Facebook live event to help bring back your balance! Visit www.mortermarchmonday.com to learn more.