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Change is Healthy! 

How to we embrace and learn from change, especially as we begin to age? Let's dive into a few key ways you can learn how to lean into change and grow.

Change is Healthy! 

For most people, change is avoided at all costs. We divert the conversation, shift the focus to something else, and hide behind petty objections, all in an effort to remain status quo. We use sarcasm, flip comments, and denial as a way to deal with change and its uneasiness. Change is just uncomfortable for most.

Change, though, is a healthy part of life for you and for your field! When your field becomes more and more organized due to the absence of chaos or change – you become set in your ways and not open to new ideas, information, or changing the way you do or think about things. The concept that your field must be chaotic for your body to be healthy may initially seem to be stretching credibility a bit. 

However, as Researcher Valerie Hunt has discovered and published, the younger the person, the more chaotic the field. 

As the field becomes more and more organized, the person begins to age. Reduced chaos, or organization, of a naturally chaotic field is one aspect of aging.   

So, how do we begin to invite and embrace change? Once we can acknowledge patterns of fear, the unknown, or not being good enough, we take the first step to shift the pattern and embrace the future with all its abundance. B.E.S.T., including the Morter March, is designed to do just that . . . to update patterns and release the past.

Here are some helpful steps to both release and embrace the fear of change.

  1. Identify a goal you have that stretches you beyond your comfort level.
  2. Visualize that goal as you would see it being successfully completed.
  3. Calm your mind, breathe slowly, and “listen” to your holding-you-back feelings about that goal.
  4. Write down a feeling which is bothering you about that goal.
  5. Morter March as though it were released, and you are learning the lesson from the feeling.