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Change Your Pattern, Love Yourself!

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Change Your Pattern, Love Yourself!

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, conscious determinants of your health is your attitude toward yourself. Outward displays of bravado, confidence, egocentricity, or self-assurance frequently mask inward convictions of self-inadequacy, ineptness, stupidity, victimhood, unattractiveness, or even self-disgust. No matter how convincing someone’s outward show of favorable self-esteem might appear, if their inner conviction is that of self-doubt or disdain, the body responds defensively – it defends against a multitude of perceived threats and negativity.

Self-esteem is the product of accumulated thoughts and beliefs, and the responses induced in the body by good or bad self-esteem are the product of a person’s feelings. Minor indiscretions or public ridicule generate feelings of embarrassment, shame, or humiliation to the very core of the sufferer’s being. Is there a person alive whose life is so pristine and perfect that they never committed a minor social or business gaff or been ridiculed by a boss, parent, or other “significant other”? It isn’t very likely.

Often, someone relives these negative feelings when they remember or repeat an incident that caused them shame or embarrassment. These feelings produce physiological responses like blushing, sweating, nervous activity, and defensiveness. And, what’s more, the behavioral pattern someone develops as a response to defensive feelings often becomes embedded in their memory along with the memory of the event itself. Then, when someone remembers the incident, or it happens again, the already established response pattern (defensiveness) sets the same physiological activity in motion. So, memory recalls more than just pictures; memory colors your self-esteem.

These accrued feelings about yourself dictate your level of self-esteem. If you feel good about yourself, your body is allowed to function normally and naturally without defending itself; your self-esteem and your health flourish. If you dislike yourself or run yourself down, then your body is in a constant defensive state and functions in a survival mode, ultimately affecting your health and overall self-esteem, causing both to suffer.

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