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Coaching Begins With You

Coaching Begins With You

Dr. Ted here! During our trainings, I meet many people who want to help others as their profession. Specifically, they want to coach others, offering lifestyle advice and helping them out of their health, emotional and financial ruts. It’s a rewarding profession for sure, however, one must be careful that the things you want to help others with aren’t really your own issues. Because, how can you help someone out of a painful and demoralizing situation, when your life might be even worse? This is not to say you can’t realize your dream of being a lifestyle coach. You simply must recognize and take steps to “clean up your own house” first, before offering to be the expert in someone else’s house. In other words, before you can offer advice, support and solutions to others’ difficult situations, you must self-reflect and clean your house – clear out the gunk!

Here are some steps to start this process:

  1. Get a journal. This is a key step to your success.
  2. Identify a single, important issue you have, and write it down. This is something, which may be holding you back from your own success and abundance. For example, I don’t follow up and follow through with the things I need to do because of…(write it down).
  3. Re-focus the way you look at the situation from the negative to the positive. For example, if you’re frustrated with your job, or your husband, or your weight, simply re-frame the way you see it. Reposition your thinking to a good thought pattern. Look for the positive in the situation instead of what is frustrating you.
  4. Set your dream for the resolution of the situation. Your dream for successful resolution can be a grand idea or simply a dream to get moving one step at a time… your choice.
  5. Now, take an action step to begin the process. Start moving toward the dream with your thoughts, your actions, and your words. I like to set myself up for multiple “wins” every day. For example, when I walk back to feed the donkeys early in the morning, I begin to set myself up for a win. I notice the beautiful dew on the grass, the crispness in the air, and the fog in the valley as I look back through the field. I am thankful and appreciative for my day and for my success. One step at a time, I am programing my brain.
  6. As I go through the process for my success, I begin to dream of what it looks like to be abundant and have successful resolution right now. What will my day look like today and what steps will I begin when I get to the office? Right now it all might be a dream, but I bask in the success as if it were really happening right now.
  7. Focus on the feeling of having the successful resolution.
  8. Morter March to the feeling and watch your day explode with excitement and that “can do attitude”.
  9. Focus your thoughts and your words on the successful completion of the resolution of your issue. Design your strategy and begin your daily action steps.

When a truly motivated person focuses on the positive outcome and aligns and resonates with success, it becomes infectious. Once the coach is more congruent, his/her energy will be increased. Others will become attracted to this energy and want to have that same success. That’s a win for everyone!