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Design Your Happiness Right Now!

Are you manifesting your dreams and evaluating your goals properly? The Morter March System can help!

Design Your Happiness Right Now!

There is no “magic moment” when everything is done and perfect, so stop waiting for it. Magic moments are happening every hour of every day right under our noses. We are usually too busy looking for the “big” one, and we miss all the “little” ones along the way. To effectively move forward with your goals and plans, you must be present. Recognize the magic of the moment and add those moments together as you assess your progress.

And, it doesn’t work to measure your progress by where you aren’t yet. Instead, measure it by where you are now compared to where you used to be. 

The past gives you all the information you need and tells you what you need to change. Looking forward to where you aren’t yet is not only non-motivating but also unreasonable. It’s a lot like comparing your skills with someone who is a professional at the top of their game doing that skill.

One thing to look closely at is if you are attracting the clients you desire. For instance, if your dream is to treat dogs with Animal B.E.S.T. that are healthy and whose motivated owners want to enhance and maintain that health, but your current clients are predominately dogs that are critically ill being brought to you by desperate but not very compliant owners, then you probably don’t feel you have the Animal B.E.S.T. practice of your dreams, right? Taking the time to outline your ideal client and then visualize that client coming to see you over and over is an essential step in your goal-setting process. 

If you have done that and still aren’t attracting the clients of your intention, you might not be synchronized to that intention – there may be interference that needs to be cleared by Morter March or B.E.S.T.

So, at the end of each month, take some time to focus on where you feel you are in three different areas: your skill level, your business operation, and your happiness factor. Your plans and goals are important. Keeping up with everything does seem daunting…and it’s worth it! When you stay present, you can make course corrections more efficiently and see the new direction unfold more quickly. You stay more positive by celebrating your wins each week. You stay more confident by correcting any missteps quickly. Remember, happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future. It is something you actually design for right now.