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Eat Your Way to . . . healthy skin!

Dry Skin

Eat Your Way to . . . healthy skin!

Do we have a major lotion shortage this winter? Judging from all of the dry skin around, one would think so! Luckily, you can literally eat and drink away dry skin! 

Here’s what to do!  

1. Drink lots of water and eat foods with good fats, like avocados and olive oil.  

2. Eat more citrus fruits and kiwi, which have potassium to help regulate the body’s water levels.  

And, get this, 

3. Eat more cabbage, which has sulfur and can prevent dry and irritated skin! Who knew?! 

There are things you should avoid, too, and not just because they can lead to dry skin!  

1. Coffee and black tea “de-hydrate” your internal tissues and skin.  

2. Trans fats and hydrogenated oils can “deplete levels of good fats and lead to dry skin,” according to dieticians – that’s your margarines and most of your fried foods.

Dry skin is just an outward display of an inside problem, so don’t worry about a potential lotion shortage. 

Good, healthy skin is an inside-out job!