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Embrace the Positive

Embrace the Positive

It’s not really about the fear; it’s about faith. And, most often the things you fear – the things you hope will just go away – never seem to manifest . . . ever! It’s as though those seemingly little fears really aren’t part of the bigger plan at all. Most things we fear will happen, never actually do.

Thought, which is a vibration much more powerful than we ever knew, is a constant determiner of our ultimate success. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, our thoughts seem to lean toward the negative side – the victimized side. That’s why we take courses to prevent this from happening, courses to fix it when it does happen, and courses to strengthen our resolve to never again let it happen! Fear is normal and natural. Dwelling on the fear is the real problem.

Recognizing the negative thinking patterns, and re-routing them back to positive is a process we, as humans, have to do every day (Hopefully less and less often, though!). The answer is quite simple. Embrace the positive. Find the gold. Avoid those who drag you down into the negative pit of judgment and pity. Stand strong, even in the face of adversity, and show just how positive you can be. And, guess what? Good things simply must be attracted to your life!