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Evaluate Exactly How You Feel in 6 Essential Areas

Evaluate Exactly How You Feel in 6 Essential Areas

If you’ve been around Morter HealthSystem for any time at all, you are aware of the Six Essentials – what you eat and drink, how you exercise and rest, what & how you breathe, and what you think. So you KNOW about them, but do you take action steps to improve your life by utilizing these important factors when making choices for your best potential health? Now is the time to really pay attention.

Your body will require different types of choices as you progress from where you are today to where you may want to be next week, next month or next year. As an example, if you are sympathetic dominant, you may require more alkalizing – consuming expansive foods like fruits and vegetables.

How do you determine if you are sympathetic dominant? Here’s a simple test: If you are a coffee or tea drinker (caffeine), drink a cup just before going to bed. If you can’t go to sleep and you feel wide-awake, then you are probably sympathetic dominant at this time. If this cup of coffee makes you sleepy and you are able to go to sleep immediately, you are probably parasympathetic dominant and you may require more acidifying – consuming contracting foods like meats, grains, and nuts. If you have a tendency to cough after eating fruits and vegetables, you are probably parasympathetic dominant.

Evaluate how you feel in general after you eat, drink, exercise or rest. Pay attention to your feelings, as they are telling you how your physical body is responding to your habits. And, since it is really the most important of the Six Essentials, pay special attention to how you think. Every thought has feelings attached to it, and these feelings are stored in your subconscious memory, which controls your physical body and how you react to your world in general. When you have a high-intensity, negative feeling about something in your life, that feeling is stored in your subconscious memory. These high-intensity negative feelings create Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (S.E.M.O.). Just because you are done with an experience does not mean that the experience is done with you.

You are where you are in your life, not by chance, but by the choices you have made in your Six Essentials. As you evaluate these choices, be aware of how they make you feel. Evaluate these feelings; determine what it is you really want; and start making choices, which will be in alignment with that. Use the Morter March to help! Go to www.mortermarchmonday.com for free instruction videos if you don’t know how to do this exercise or if you want to make sure you are doing it correctly. And, join us live every Monday morning at 9 CDT on our Facebook page for Morter March Monday!