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Exercise a Positive Attitude

Couple On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Exercise a Positive Attitude

Exercise that is fun for you and stimulates your brain’s pleasure centers and your metabolism is the most beneficial to your body. The pleasure may come from working toward reaching your personal best in biking, weight lifting, or winning your club’s tennis championship. When you enjoy a particular exercise or sport, you and your muscles start relaxed yet primed for action. Your body gets a good workout, and you are less likely to suffer injuries. Exercise that includes contralateral movement gives you the added benefit of synchronizing your internal rhythms to resonate more closely with your field energy. In addition, you approach enjoyable exercise with a positive attitude. You don’t fill your field with negatives when your mood is positive.

Exercising to lose weight, tone muscles, or generally improve personal appearance can have field-interfering elements. Most people who enthusiastically launch an exercise program to slim down and shape up have a positive attitude at the outset. However, the slimming and trimming results of exercise are rarely immediately apparent. 

You need time and persistence to reach body re-shaping objectives. So, the exercise program, the positive attitude, or both tend to falter. 

Depending on the individual’s personality, the program is either abandoned or grudgingly continued.  

If it’s continued, enthusiasm gives way to teeth-clenching tenacity. Negative feelings replace positive feelings. And now the field is involved! Resentment and irritation toward the exercise can interfere with the energy of the body and field. If the movement you are doing stirs up negative feelings, you have two choices:

           1. Change your exercise routine to one that you enjoy, or

           2. Change your attitude so that you enjoy the exercise you have committed to doing.

If your doctor tells you to exercise for your health, follow their advice and be thankful. Your doctor is looking out for your physical welfare. It’s up to you to look out for your attitudinal and emotional welfare. 

Your overall health is an expression of your field. Begin by focusing on the positive physiological benefits you get from the exercise. Then choose to enjoy what you are doing – you have that power, you know! That reduces the amount of negativity that seeps into your field.