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Extending the “Healthspan” ​for You and Your Dog!

a happy family with a dog

Extending the “Healthspan” ​for You and Your Dog!

A treasured member of our Morter HealthSystem family, Linda Apsey, shared with us a wonderful book she came across entitled “The Forever Dog – Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier & Longer” by Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Shaw Becker. Let’s just say Dr. Morter would’ve been very excited by what he found in this book! The book agrees with his health principles, and even though the book’s focus is on dogs, it’s about humans too. It turns out that dogs and humans are more closely related than we might have imagined regarding health.

Oh, we’ve known that for a while – hence the development of Animal B.E.S.T.

This book cites new research that will knock your socks off!

“New calculations show that genes account for well under 7 percent of people’s life span – not the 20-30 percent of most previous estimates. That means that the majority of your longevity is in your hands and based on your lifestyle choices – what you eat and drink, how often you break a sweat, how well you sleep, what kind of stress wears on you (and how you cope with it), and even other factors like the quality and strength of your relationships and your social networks, whom you marry, and your access to health care and education.”

Sounds familiar, right? And what about this?

“Food is one of the most potent ways to build or destroy health in our companions (and ourselves); it can either heal or harm. And you cannot supplement your way to compensate for poor-quality food – that’s like taking a multivitamin while eating junky fast food every day. Chasing your sugary soda addiction with juice cleanses will not save you.”

And, the research goes on!

As we do each year, we have worked with animals over the months and gained insight from animal specialists, like these authors, as we add new protocols and additions to the Animal B.E.S.T. work. Things like a method for calming an agitated animal before the actual procedure begins and the addition of Essential Oils to aid in physical and behavioral healing. We are very excited by a profound interest in our Animal B.E.S.T. work from holistic veterinarians and other animal practitioners working with rescue animals all over the East Coast. Please consider adding this work to your toolbox so you can bring health and happiness to the animals in your life. Our next Animal B.E.S.T. live program at Morter Farm is scheduled for June 10-12th.

We are looking forward to sharing new insight and new animals with you!