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Find the Gold!

Find the Gold!

Have you ever known someone who always seems to find the positive in virtually every situation? I’m talking about the person who always, no matter what, has something positive to say or (even better yet) DO about it. These people seem to be able to look past the immediate situation or circumstance and actually see down the road for a perfect outcome. Sure, it isn’t easy at the moment when it is you – until it’s NOT!

This trait or characteristic is actually a learned response. Yes, wisdom and experience in life both help; however, the mechanics of this type of outlook and response is actually a learned response. This is a technique that you, too, can develop and master. You can actually begin to “train your brain” to react automatically to any situation.

First, you need to slow down! Make a rational assessment of the circumstance or situation – not an emotional one. That is the biggest mistake people make. Secondly, look past the immediacy of the situation. Look to the future and how everyone is affected, not just you. Remember, life isn’t all about you! Now you are ready to actually “find the gold”!

This process is referenced in a number of different ways. Some say to “find the gold.” Others say to “see the good.” Still others say that “everything happens for the better.” At any rate, you must “celebrate the win,” no matter how difficult the situation, to begin to rewire your neurology. You can actually change your DNA vibration and resonance. Since you will have a response anyway, why not make it a winning one? The less you judge, the less you must forgive in order to make these changes for the betterment of your existence. Find the gold – see the good! If you do, you’ll live a happier, healthier, more successful life!