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Find Your Dream / Follow your Dream

We’ll be back in 2021 with our LIVE events. And, until that time, you will be seeing more and more of our programs online! Wishing you the BEST of health, happiness and success!

Find Your Dream / Follow your Dream

Dr. Ted here! I’ve been asked many times over the years to help people figure out their dreams and goals. The only way I can really help anyone do that is to outline a process to follow, which can help get you into a mental place open to creativity and feeling. Because, it’s while you are in that place or state that you are able to listen – listen to your heart’s desire.

Dreams are very personal and specific, and have to be examined in detail by you. You must do the “work.” Only you know what gives you that feeling of bliss, and if you don’t stop to check in on your feelings, you make all of your decisions with your head instead of with your gut.

Having a difficult time? Here’s some of my advice:

  1. Stop driving your life so hard. Slow down, and focus on the simple things that bring you joy.
  2. Identify all of the simple pleasures you enjoy or have enjoyed in the past. Take time with this. What things really make you smile?
  3. Go for a walk in an environment in which you feel peace and bliss. (I walk with my dog, Izzy, back to the barn and fields.)
  4. Relax, and get in the quiet and peaceful mental zone. Appreciate the grass, the birds overhead, and the calmness of the air. Breathe; breathe; breathe. Lower your shoulders and breathe thankfulness.
  5. Use this state of relaxation to now focus on a dream you have. See yourself with this dream as a reality. Experience how you feel. Later, make sure you write this dream down in your journal, so you can go get it mentally and focus your thoughts, words, and actions toward that specific dream as often as possible.
  6. Don’t eclipse your visualizations with worrying about the “how.” Just keep making choices that move you toward your goal, course correct when you go astray, and keep moving forward in thankfulness.
  7. Use the Morter March to synchronize yourself to your dreams and goals in the morning when you wake up and a night before you go to bed saying something like, “I am thankful and grateful I’m living the life of my dreams.” You can be more specific if you choose to be.
  8. Check back into these steps over and over. Remember, life can often get in the way of living, and this my friends is the living!