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Focus…Your Path to Success!

Announcement: : Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have rescheduled our June Animal B.E.S.T. program to September 18-20. Also, we have postponed our June B.E.S.T. Training in Chicago, and our July B.E.S.T. Training in Phoenix. We will reschedule these events as the current restrictions are lifted, as well as the other previously postponed events.

Focus…Your Path to Success!

Dr. Ted here! Let’s talk more about focus. Focus is the ability to direct intent toward a specific end without drifting from the defined path. And, it starts with a clear picture of the end result. What does it look like? How will it feel? Will I be satisfied with that particular outcome?

I often say to begin with the end in mind, and here’s why. Setting your sights clearly on the goal – the end – requires thought, feeling, emotion, and mental commitment. And, this activates the emotional brain. By creating an emotional connection with the goal, the steps to achieve the goal are made much easier. The act of focusing on the goal with clear intent and emotional connectedness virtually ensures the path will be easier for you to focus on.

Why? Well, when the emotional engram in your brain activates, the process is automatic. Without it, the process can easily “drift” as the late Napoleon Hill so eloquently explains it in his book entitled, Outwitting the Devil. Loss of focus leads to interruptions in the pursuit of the goal – the plan. And, it happens so easily, so insidiously, so completely. Our friends, colleagues, family, etc. are seemingly helping you when they offer condolences when you slip, yet it does you a dis-service, an injustice if you will. People will relish failure of others for some maligned reason. It’s almost like they want to say that they were right, and you couldn’t make it happen. Yet they won’t say it. They are “with you” and not necessarily “for you”. So, you must focus and make it about you.

Focus is an individual commitment, a personal trait, a singular self-empowering way of being. Others can’t do it for you; it’s personal. Focusing isn’t easy, yet it’s simple. A person with true focus is unstoppable. When emotions and feelings align with focused intent…Oh my gosh!

Step 1. Identify exactly what your desired outcome is all
about. Exactly.

Step 2. Get all up in the feeling of what it feels like to get the

Step 3. Set the course for focused success, and do not

Step 4. Say, “Thanks, but no thanks!” to those that would help
you drift off course.

These simple steps will ensure your success in any arena. Want a better life? Focus! Want more money? Focus! Want others to like you? Focus! Lose weight? Focus! It’s your path to success.

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