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Form a Team and Take Action!

Managing our health and well-being is always better with a partner. Or, better yet, a team of cohorts to help us achieve our goals and keep our spirits elevated. Learn more about what activities you and your team can start doing today.

Form a Team and Take Action!

Considering the economic turmoil our country is embroiled in, it’s understandable that we get discouraged regarding our power to change our circumstances. However, personal empowerment may be more attainable than you think. Morter HealthSystem principles guide you in positively taking control of your life, giving you the health, happiness, and success you seek and deserve. This can be your “bail-out” solution, and it can start right now!

Here are 5 steps you can take over the coming weeks that will jump-start your personal economy – your health, happiness, and success. Get with a “buddy” to take these steps with you – you check each other’s progress daily. This “team action” will ensure your success in the face of changing moods and circumstances!

Step #1: Start adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet every meal.

Instead of cutting things out of your diet, try the flipside of the equation and add fruits and/or vegetables to every meal you eat. If something else gets pushed aside because you are too full, well, so be it!  

Step #2: Do some form of exercise for 30 minutes every day, without fail!

Whether it’s walking, riding a bike, roller skating, or power-dancing to your favorite music while you are vacuuming the house, take at least 30 minutes every day to get your heart rate up a little and get moving!  

Step #3: Reduce your negative influences each day.

It might be quitting watching the news (You watching it won’t change all the bad things happening anyway, right?). It might be staying away from office gossipers. It might be changing what you read. It might be changing what shows you watch on television. Just take a look at what you are taking in during the day and reduce the negative.

Step #4: Develop a vision of how you choose your life to be!

The easiest way to get the “dream juices” flowing is to create a vision board. Just take things you want in your life – something that attracts you and makes you smile – from magazines, pictures, quotes, colors, whatever, and put them all on a bulletin board you can look at every single day. Just keep building as you keep determining how you want to be living. Allow yourself to dream without limitation. Accept any possibilities.

Step #5: Find something to be thankful for every morning, noon, and night.

When you wake up every morning, find at least one thing you are thankful for today. Repeat that same action at noon and again before you go to sleep. Make this a verbal statement, out loud, specific, and with feeling behind it. “I am so very thankful for…”