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Get Going & Keep Going! 

Never give up on your dreams, even when they're difficult or you need to course correct - keep going.

Get Going & Keep Going! 

Dr. Ted here! I think Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up!”

And I believe it wholeheartedly. I don’t believe in quitting; I don’t believe in giving up, and I thrive on that next opportunity just around the corner.

Most don’t, though. That’s right! Most people seem to take the “no” as a given, so they give up or give in. I say, “Bunk!” to that! If I had listened to everything others have thought of me and some of my ideas in the past, Morter HealthSystem wouldn’t be the success it is today. Sure, we’ve made some mistakes and course corrections, but all those decisions have brought us up to where we are. It’s about conviction and dedication. It’s about purpose and focus. It’s about listening and reading. “Give up” is just not an option.

I like the challenge of it all. Heck, I bought a wrecked front grille for my 1951 Farmall tractor a while back. What a great piece of American history lies inside that tractor! Well, I purchased this grille on eBay; truthfully, it was a mess!

It looked like a renegade herd of buffalo had run over it! Bent up, smashed in, and twisted almost beyond repair. But I didn’t see that. No, I saw the potential. I saw the beauty and the opportunity to turn an authentic, original tractor part back into what it was designed to be.

When I finished restoring that part to perfection and then put it on that now beautifully restored tractor, I felt the sweetness of success. To succeed when the odds are against me always makes me stronger. To be able to make something beautiful out of a scrap pile, well, it feels much more special! Don’t be afraid of a tough path to success. Go ahead and “climb that steeper hill” and celebrate like crazy when you reach the top – when you make your dream come true.

That which takes more effort has a better payoff every time. Dream bigger, stay positive, and get going!