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Get Ready to Grow!

Get Ready to Grow!

Dr. Morter grew up on a farm, and he understood the value of good, rich soil to grow the most vitamin rich food plants. However, it’s a scientific fact that, since the early 1930’s, Americans have depleted their soil of some of the essential minerals the body needs. Government documents made these claims. We have catastrophically damaged our soil by over-stimulating it with incomplete, artificial fertilizer manufactured by the petroleum industry. Our health depends on the soil in which our food is grown. Plants, grown both inside and outside, not only provide the food we need, but they also improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Remember the correct order of nature in our food chain. The minerals feed the vegetable kingdom and the vegetable kingdom feeds the animal kingdom (humankind included). The mistake we often make is to feed the minerals directly to the animal kingdom. This places an unnecessary burden on the animal kingdom (humans), because to benefit in any way we must use a process called transmutation to transform these minerals so they may be readily absorbed into the body. This process actually belongs to the vegetable kingdom. The bottom line is: the minerals we consume should come from the vegetable kingdom.

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Morter discovered the source for his Morter Trace Mineral product, which comes from a vegetable source millions of years old. They are a compressed plant product, which has already gone through the plant kingdom, so their size is small enough (chelated) and are easily assimilated by the human body. Plants systematically sift colloidal mineral products from the earth through their root membranes, which makes them smaller than any used in a laboratory. It is the chelating and micro-ionization process, along with photosynthesis, that creates a colloidal mineral that is perfectly utilized by other biological systems . . . like ours! His research led him to bottle the Trace Mineral product as a powerful supplement Morter HealthSystem has sold for nearly 30 years. Later, he also began using the Trace Minerals as one of the ingredients to formulate a soil supplement. Dr. Morter’s Mineral Grow is based on this research.

There were always an abundance of plants around the Morter homestead, from the vegetable and flower gardens outside to the beautiful ferns inside. Dr. Morter was always interested in how to improve his soil with nutrients in order to grow healthier plants. Even on his deathbed, he wanted to make sure that the soil in his garden, which he tended and nourished so carefully over the years, would go to Dr. Ted and Dr. Tom’s gardens just down the road. 00 dump truckloads later, his wishes were granted. And that same soil has been nourished and tended by Dr. Ted and Dr. Tom ever since, producing wonderful food and beautiful flowers. As spring is just around the corner, we hope you will get your hands dirty in some wonderfully tended, mineral-rich soil!