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Getting Happy!

Getting Happy!

Did you know that actually just thinking the word “happy” generates energy with your conscious mind, and that energy resonates with your feeling brain (unconscious brain)?  And it is your feeling brain that generates the energy used with the law of attraction.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that thought energy is really a special type of energy. Thought energy travels indefinitely without loss of intensity. Even more importantly, thought energy, created by your conscious mind, affects your unconscious brain with the feeling energy that is very similar. This energy is quantum in nature, which means that like attracts like. That’s the opposite of Newton’s world of larger particles, where opposites attract.

So why is it important to do things to make yourself happy?  When your feeling (unconscious) brain is happy, the energy projection that radiates into your field or aura will automatically attract happy things back into your life.  So, what makes you happy will definitely affect every aspect of your life.  The opposite also holds true. When you are unhappy, you are attracting experiences in your life that automatically resonate with and attract more unhappy experiences in your life.

In order to be more successful in every aspect of your life, you must first get happy.  Sounds simple, right?  Simple, but maybe not all that easy.  Getting happy can actually take some focus and practice.  Paying attention to what makes you happy and doing more and more of that is key.  It’s a process.  The goal here is happiness and becoming consistent in that energy projection.  Focus on the positive things.  Pay attention to what you allow into your mind.   Practice being more patient, judging others less, and forgiving more.  Before long, your habits will land more on the positive happiness energy, and so will cause more of that energy to come your way!

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