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Go to Bed in a Peaceful, Loving State

Heal your body and soul, and connect with the divine through restful sleep.

Go to Bed in a Peaceful, Loving State

Sometimes, at the end of a hard day, you go to sleep with worried, angry, or fearful thoughts.  This is very harmful to your personal health and will ultimately affect your life and your business.  Here’s why:

It is during the hours you sleep that you can rejuvenate.  This rest period is designed to allow your body to rebuild cells and tissues, restore the chemical and hormonal balance, and otherwise rebuild the organs and systems of your body.  It is a restorative state, which is necessary for the healthy survival of the whole. 

Not only can your body rejuvenate during this rest period, but also your soul.  The hours your body is under the control of your subconscious mind allow for open communication between your soul and the divine spiritual energy (God).  This is a reason for sleeping in a peaceful, loving state.

When you go to sleep after a meditation session or prayer of thankfulness, you are actually providing an open channel between your soul and the divine spiritual energy.  You are allowing for the free flow of energy within you.  Sleep is much like a suspension bridge between soul and spirit.  It can actually serve to link the two energetic levels.  Have you ever been seeking the answer to a challenging question, only to find that it comes to you in your sleep?  Maybe it comes to you in a dream, or maybe it even comes to you as a direct answer to your question.  This occurs because you have entered the rest period in a positive, energetic state.  You have opened yourself to this harmonic level of awareness, even in your subconscious.

So, tonight and every night, when you are going to sleep, give thanks for your perfect health, happiness, and success.  Follow the forgiveness steps and be thankful for your lessons of the day.  It will heal your soul and open communication with the divine spirit.