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Goal Groping?

Man shopping for a watch

Goal Groping?

Dr. Ted here! 

I used to believe that when I was setting a goal, it had to be definite, precise, timely, attainable, believable, and reachable. My goal needed the same specificity as a NASA launch with the precision of a fine Swiss watch. But, I’ve learned that we can feel or grope around for our goal(s) instead!

A goal isn’t something you should pin down so tightly that it stifles the possibilities of loftier ambition. For example, if my goal was to buy a new Rolex watch, and the goal path was to focus on the watch, the band, the movement, the color, the weight of the metal, the snap of the clasp, and the crystal face, then I might sell myself short. 

Here’s why: 

What if there was an even better watch out there? One I hadn’t seen yet?

By opening my goal, I also open the door to new, potentially endless possibilities for success. I’m setting my goal by a feeling rather than a physical item or experience. So, to access a broader purpose than just purchasing a Rolex, I aimed instead to discover how I felt about the watch rather than its characteristics. And, deep within my feelings lay the key to reaching my goal(s). 

As it turns out, I wasn’t as excited about the watch as I was about the feeling it gave me. I wanted to feel accomplished – a sense of self-worth. So, I reset my goal to focus on the feelings I experienced when I thought about the watch rather than the watch itself. And, once I began to resonate more with the same sense of excitement, everything began to fall into place for me. I was attracting unlimited success directly into my life, ultimately surpassing the watch. Now, I could purchase several of the same watches from the success I generated from the “watch” feeling I was experiencing and fostered.