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Happy New Year from the Whole Morter Family!

Happy New Year from the Whole Morter Family!

As we all emerge from the celebration of 2023 with family and friends, we hit the ground running in a whole new year – 2024 – with a clean slate to fill! That means new calendars and day planners to construct and a fresh journal to create with goals and strategic planning to fill the pages. Our 52-Weeks to Practice Success program, which is a benefit of MHS Membership, will give you detailed instructions on setting your goals, designing your strategic plan, and developing your vision board, among a host of other success topics.  

Oh, and there’s the clean-out and reorganization urge the New Year seems to bring out in all of us, too! The KonMari method, the system that organizing guru Marie Kondo developed and taught in her bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is a wonderful tool for teaching you how to clean up your home, office, etc., so you never need to do it again – tidiness just becomes a part of your everyday living. The program is based on the energy around your relationship with your own things, and you know it’s all energy!

2024 will be a year for you to benefit from the whole Morter HealthSystem. Whether it’s to make a difference in your personal life and health or the lives and health of those you reach through your practice, we have programs available that are easier to learn and implement right away online. And, there is a LIVE in-person B.E.S.T. Training event in Rogers, Arkansas, on February 23-24 with Dr. Tom Morter and Melissa Higby as your instructors and featuring Dr. Shannon Brown coaching the practical instruction.

Register for this class online or by calling Melissa at 800-874-1478.