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Haters Beware!

Haters Beware!

Dr. Ted here! I’ve been around for… well…over 60 (!) years now, and am still constantly wondering why people react the way they do. Sometimes I wonder if some people think at all before they act. I see this frequently on social media, where people are saying things, voicing opinions, and criticizing others with often a cruel and hurtful tone. And, sometimes it goes way beyond simply uncomfortable. It makes me wonder why so many people lash out in this manner? It might be the anonymity of the exchange and no fear of any real retribution? Who knows?

Is the “tone” something we’ve always had, yet kept somewhere deep inside, or is it something new, something insidious in onset? Are we becoming a harsher society, almost numb to others’ feelings? I’m reminded of a statement I recently heard about how what someone did was done with little or no concern as to the affect it might have on others. It went something like this:

He’s got a very particular take on things, and how it’s going to land on other people isn’t usually much of a factor in his thinking.

And, this in itself caused reflection for me. Do I truly think about what I say or do and how it affects others? Am I guilty as well? Hopefully by simply being cognizant of this notion, it will cause me to be more compassionate and more understanding of others’ positions. I’ve learned, and often the hard way, there are people who really don’t want to change. For better or worse, people seem to be . . . well . . . just people! People with emotional past experiences forming their beliefs. And, these assertions posted on social media are just a reflection of who they are deep inside. It makes me wonder, “What are their deep-seated S.E.M.O. patterns?” I often find myself wanting to help them – to “fix” it all and help them see things differently.

My personal lesson is really quite simple I think. The only person I can “fix” is me. These lessons teach me to work to be even more attentive, more understanding of others’ views, and more respectful of opinions even if I whole- heartedly disagree. I choose to be more tolerant of things I might not fully understand. I do the Morter March for my S.E.M.O. patterns and embrace the updates and the new brain patterns. When something doesn’t feel right, I will slow down and get more facts, more information, and more knowledge.

By doing these things, I am building a strong and balanced foundation based in truth. And that allows for better communication and understanding. My wife, Janna, has always admired my passion for life and anything I do. I am comfortable in the fact that not everyone shares in my passion and my “bigger dreams,” and it will not deter my search for being the best I can be. Being my best will not be enhanced by the news, by the outbursts of others on social media, or by anyone trying to steal my dreams. I will honor my dreams, honor my abilities, honor my passions.

It’s my hope, as I share this with you, you understand these declarations are something I work on each day, and show those seeking my help how to work on them in their lives as well. Having my faith and believing I am in God’s favor feels good to me and helps me overcome negativity – both in general and even if it is directed toward me. In fact, the belief in that love and favor gives me the strength to overcome anything placed in front of me.

Haters beware, because I’m in charge and I’m passionate about my life!