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Hold onto the love…

Hold onto the love…

Death is not a stranger to us, yet we constantly lock our doors and pull down the shades in hopes it will think we are not at home and go right on by. And, sometimes death walks right in anyway. I believe there is a bigger picture to consider. Death is only in the physical, yet most of our real living is in the spiritual – the energetic realm we mostly can’t see, but can absolutely feel. It’s the place we move toward.

It’s not at all surprising to me to hear that Mary Miller passed from this physical experience with a sextant in her hand. For those of you who may not know, a sextant is a device to aide sailors and explorers with navigation. They help calculate the distance between the horizon and celestial bodies like stars and planets. Mary wanted to know about everything. She spent her life learning and gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge with all of us who were listening. Her wealth of knowledge about life and love was enormous. There was always something for me to learn from Mary at every turn. At the Level VII training in New Orleans, we sat together after we both had presented and shared ideas and collaborations. How could we help each other and thereby the rest of mankind? With Mary, it was always about the journey. We were even fortunate to have her contribute some of that knowledge to our Relationship e-study program. I’m so grateful for that. And so, I believe Mary Miller is forever the explorer, guiding us to what’s next.

We miss her. When she doesn’t jump up on stage at that next event, the pain in our hearts will be tremendous. However, we know she’s still at work. Probably meeting with Dr. Morter somewhere! We’ll continue on with our work here, her partners will continue their work at iChing Systems, and as we support each other, we’ll all hold onto the love…not the loss.

Thank you, Mary, for continuing to guide us toward a better life!

– Dr. Ted and the whole Morter family