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How Do My Thoughts Affect My Health?

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How Do My Thoughts Affect My Health?

Thoughts are things, and furthermore, thoughts create things.  What you meditate on, you actually create.  Sounds simple, but proving this concept on a scientific level has been somewhat difficult and only relatively recently achieved.  Quantum physics now shows that thoughts can literally alter the behavior of an electron.  As a crude analogy, our aura is an electron cloud, which contains spirit information.  Webster defines aura as 1) a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source; 2) luminous radiation.  We use the term “field” to describe the atmosphere in and around your body.  Your field is made up of a combination of your soul and your spirit.  Your field/spirit/soul is actually much more than your aura, but the aura is a physical manifestation of the field/spirit/soul.  Kirlian photography captures the aura on film; some people can actually see auras.  It is important here to acknowledge that the electrons of the aura are in your field and that the electron behavior of your aura can be altered by your mind.  

It is also necessary to understand that your field actually controls your body.  Once you acknowledge and believe this, then it’s easy to see that what you think about, you bring about.  What you believe, you achieve.  If you think about getting cancer, pray not to get cancer, are constantly “aware” of cancer, or become consumed with not getting cancer your mother has, then you are actually bringing cancer into your field.  You actually arrange the electrons in your field in a way that creates cancer or whatever condition you meditate upon, even if you don’t want it.  You anatomically and atomically bring about what you think about by arranging the information to create either health or disease.  It’s your choice how you think.

So, think and pray in a positive mode.  Be thankful for your perfect health.  Be grateful for your healthy, pink lungs, or your vibrant, rejuvenating blood supply.  Thank God for your ability to walk, talk, reason, smell, hear or feel.  Offer positive appreciation for your healthy state of being.  This will serve to maintain or bring about the good health you are being thankful for.