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How Will 2023 Be Different For You?

Take a different look at accomplishing your goals and shifting your beliefs in 2023.

How Will 2023 Be Different For You?

With every New Year, a feeling of a clean slate and hope sweeps across the globe. Another chance, another opportunity, another year to be the person you’ve always dreamed of being or do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Of course, if you do everything the same as in 2022, 2023 will probably turn out the same for you. You can make all kinds of resolutions to change, but you must take the necessary actions to keep those resolutions alive!

So, will 2023 be different for you? 

Most people seek to improve relationships, finances, and health. To make changes in any area of your life, though, you must examine your beliefs. Because, as Dr. Morter used to say, most of your beliefs are formed by the time you are two years old! All of them, therefore, are suspect! 

Beliefs determine your thoughts, actions, habits, and lifestyle. 

So, maybe now, in 2023, you want to make some changes? When you merely want to make changes but take no active steps to change, you can create more “want” in your life. When you experience a “state of wanting,” you, in turn, may start to feel an absence in your life. And that absence or “state of lacking” may generate negative thoughts and feelings. Over time, negative thoughts and feelings develop a physical response, and your body will begin creating chemicals to protect you from that negative physical experience. Once you become locked in a state of “lacking,” you can eventually exhaust one or more of the systems in your body, which may lead to other health problems. In contrast, positive thoughts create chemicals in your body that make you feel good and promote physical joy and relaxation. How you think and feel determines your lifestyle and your overall health.

So, to change your life, you must change your beliefs. And you also must dedicate yourself and take action to change if you want to build your ideal, dream life. That change can only start within yourself. The most problematic belief most people have? That you are somehow not enough. Work on changing that belief first, and see the amazing things 2023 will offer you!