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“I Need Coffee!”

Beautiful young woman upset over empty coffee cup. Shot in studio over white.

“I Need Coffee!”

At some point or another, we get exhausted from life, exhausted from work, exhausted from everything we do. Stressful situations occur at work, at home, and sometimes even when you are just trying to relax. Though some of this exhaustion may be from real physical stress, the biggest part usually comes from emotional stress. Your body is simply not designed to deal with a combination of physical and, even more toxic, emotional stress for prolonged periods. Your body will eventually begin to show the signs of this toxic overload, and you may notice you just don’t hop up out of bed with as much ease these days. Or, it takes more and more coffee and sugar in the morning to rev up your system just to get the day started. Or, without an afternoon pick-me-up snack or soda, you just feel like fading away or even better, a nap!

Even more insidious, sometimes emotional stress from the past can continue to affect your body even after you think you are “over it.” This is sympathetic nervous system fatigue. Add to that, we often spend more time worrying about things that might happen, which most often never do. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t care if the stress is real or imagined. And, as the delicate balance between the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system gets disrupted from this prolonged stress, you and your body become exhausted.

It’s at this point we often turn to more coffee and other stimulants as the solution. Although it may seem to help in the short term, this artificial stimulation certainly doesn’t address the problem, and may in fact exacerbate it. When your body has been over-stimulated for a period of time by a typical high protein, high sugar, and caffeine-rich diet, it can be a shock to your system to suddenly change these habits. By slowly reducing the caffeine, protein, and sugar stimulants while adding natural compounds from plant sources like the fruit, Schisandra, you may increase your resistance to stress and disease, while also increasing your energy and endurance. This might sound too good to be true, but the Chinese have long known about the benefits of Schisandra, a key compound in Adrenergy®. We’ve also chosen the healing powers of licorice root extract for its action on the adrenal glands. In fact, the formulation of components in Adrenergy® has very specific and targeted actions to enhance the function of your body.* Even after years of abuse, the adrenal system can and will bounce back if given the proper building blocks to do so. (Click here to order Adrenergy®)

You may think you need more coffee, but really it’s a warning signal to you to make the changes to ensure long-term stability of the delicate balance of your nervous system. Don’t turn off that “ringing fire alarm” with caffeinated beverages; listen to what your body is telling you!

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