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Identify Your Energy Drainers

Identify Your Energy Drainers

Since most of us have a vast store of negative experiences packed away in our subconscious memories, we may also have recurring negative thoughts that promote muscle tension and drain our energy levels. One way to plug this energy drain is to identify and neutralize the thoughts.

You can identify energy–draining recurring negative thoughts by noticing the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning or the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night. One sign that recurring thoughts are more than just idle mental musings is that when they occur, your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes deeper, or your feelings of anxiety appear – subconsciously override. If recurring thoughts alter physiology, you can bet that your body is responding to the thought and your field is responding. 

And your field is your connection with Universal Energy.

What can you do once you have identified the thoughts that are keeping your body stirred up and your field congested with static? Exercise forgiveness.

Neutralize communication-disturbing thoughts by going through the forgiveness exercise. You can add power to the forgiveness process by taking a deep breath and holding it. That works well as an end-of-the-day exercise. However, you can also incorporate forgiveness into the Morter March. The physical exercise of the Morter March is vigorous but not strenuous. The mental exercise of forgiving may be strenuous, but it’s not vigorous.

As you stretch through the Morter March, close your eyes, look up, take a deep breath, hold your breath and position, and think about the recurring thought interfering with your physiology and field. In this position, forgive the other person. When you must breathe again, relax for a moment. Follow this procedure for another Morter March step and forgive yourself. 

Then finish the exercise with another Morter March step and give the other person permission to forgive you. 

If you haven’t learned the Morter March yet, or have questions about the positions, you can access free video instruction here.

The Morter March by itself helps to re-time muscles and internal communication systems. The Morter March, combined with holding your breath and forgiving or focusing on a particular area of subconscious override, coordinates the mental and emotional with the physical. Whole-body communication is improved. Since your field is an integral part of your body, this exercise is a comprehensive whole-body exercise.  

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