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Intended Acts of Kindness

Surprise acts of kindness can make a huge different in your life.

Intended Acts of Kindness

It seems violence and negativity are at every turn . . . especially if we turn on the news (which might not be the healthiest choice for you, by the way!).  So, what can a person do to combat this bombardment of disempowerment?  How about doing something nice for someone else every single day?

We have all heard of, and maybe even received, random acts of kindness throughout our lives. What if we committed to doing one intentional act of kindness each day? Just one! These acts don’t have to cost a lot of money; they don’t have to be grand gestures.  They need only be done with love in mind.  Need some help getting started?  Here are some examples of kindnesses to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Simply open and hold the door for someone.  Yes, what was formerly known as good manners, is today viewed as kindness!
  2. Maybe you have a neighbor who doesn’t like mowing their lawn, but you have a riding lawn mower. What if you took another 30 minutes and mowed their lawn, too?
  3. Tell someone they look nice today, or you appreciate their presence in your life, or they have a great smile!  Compliments are free, and who doesn’t enjoy receiving them?  Words are powerful . . . make sure you are using yours to encourage, empower, and inspire.
  4. Allow someone to turn in front of you in traffic.  We are all trying to get somewhere.
  5. Send an actual hand-written Thank You card, a card of appreciation, or a letter to someone. Go the extra mile and mail it because who wouldn’t want to receive something wonderful instead of all the junk mail and bills?
  6. At the grocery store with a cart full of food, you end up in line ahead of someone with only 1 or 2 items? Let them go ahead of you! The same goes for an exhausted mother with kids running in all directions. Let her check out first, even if she has a lot of items!
  7. Are time constraints causing you to hit a drive-thru today? When you get up to the window, pay for the order of the car behind you. It’s such a wonderful and happy surprise.